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Catz 50 Journey W30R1

Cathie C

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Yesterday ended R2. Well, what should have been the end of R2. Sady it wasn't because I fell off plan way too many times to count. I wasn't 100% compliant 100% of the time; but, I was 80-90% compliant 80-90% of the time, so I am considering that a success. I am currently on the official R2D4 and am feeling great again, sleeping amazing, and loving my relationship with food again. With all that in mind, I am no long counting rounds or days. Instead, I am living a Whole30 life. If I eat/drink something that is not compliant, no biggie.  I am Whole30!


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Well, my first attempt at R2 failed miserable and I let some old habits creep in; like drinking way to much wine and continuing it thru the weekend to where Monday was an OMG I feel like crap day, and eating bread.....I so love bread (I blame it on the Italian in me). Thankfully, I only put on 2 of the 15 lbs I lost in R1, but overall, I was just feeling miserable, knees were (are still) killing me, and haven't slept well since the beginning of March.

My 50th birthday came and went, with a lot of really awesome wines given to me as gifts (because all my friends know how much I love my wine). But, I have put what remains of the bottles away in the back of my cabinet to only take out on a special occasion AFTER my next 30 days on Whole30.

So, today, I am R2D5 and feeling motivated and encouraged. I am going the full month of May! Stumbled across the Whole30 freezer crock pot meals and am hooked on those; so easy and yummy why would anyone eat anything different :)

I am also rededicated to the gym, feeling strong and healthy.....so much so that I am (almost convinced) to go a Renegade Rage obstacle course with my trainers from the gym (almost).  This would probably be the most physically challenging thing in my life and it scare me but at the same time I want to see if I can complete it (however badly).  I have 2 weeks to either talk myself out of it or convince myself to at least try.......I am hoping for the latter. 



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