W39 Regret!!!

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I completed my first ever W30, only using ketchup once the entire month.  I am feeling very proud not only of the 14 lb weight loss but of the initiative to create a goal and the follow through to achieve it.  I extended my goals an additional 2 weeks, allowing for my first Sunday off for a couple Martinis (felt like garbage afterwards and my digestion has not been right since) and my second Sunday (this coming Sunday) for frozen yogurt.  Today was day 39... I have been thinking about chocolate all day and against my better judgement said screw it just allow yourself one piece....so then I ate 5!  I am very dissapointed in myself.  Literally ready to start all over again just to prove that I'm stronger than the chocolate.  Any suggestions about self-control after the 30?  I'm such an all or nothing person and I don't want this to be my first step back into the "nothing" lifestytle.

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You might not be stronger than chocolate. That's the sad truth about some products that are engineered to make them sweeter, more craveable and more addictive. I'm sorry that you've discovered that.

On the other hand, you've not reintroduced anything besides alcohol and ice cream so it's really no wonder that you might have been pushed towards upping the ante, so to speak, and heading right for the chocolate.

Some questions to help you figure this out:

  • Did you do systematic reintroductions after your Whole30? 
  • Did you rely heavily on fruit, nuts or nut butters during your Whole30?
  • Did you ease sugar cravings during your Whole30 by eating compliant sweet things (bananas, dates, figs, lara bars)?
  • Were you eating template meals 3 x day, spaced 4-5 hours apart?
  • What was the circumstance surrounding you being with chocolate today? What made you say "screw it"?

Basically it sounds to me like you've wrapped up your Whole30 with a sugar dragon still fully intact.



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In terms of reintroduction, I only did the vodka, which sucked, and now the chocolate.  The chocolate was not planned, I was going to do dairy this Sunday but now I don't even want to because of the guilt I feel right now.


My diet before W30 was repulsive.  I would go days weekly without wating anything of nutritional value.  Literally could eat 10 fun size candy bars a day multiple times a week every week.  Went 3 years having a medium Mcdonalds Mocha Frappe every single morning for breakfast with nothing else.  I ate fast food weekly, and binged often.  I don't want to erase my accomplishment with one derailment but I am feeling crappy about my choice.


I work in a medical office where sweets and indulgent foods are EVERYWHERE.  I avoided them religiously for the last 39 days...The chocolates I ate today weren't even something I would have chosen prior to W30..it was a totally random and imulsive desicion.


And yes...I have HEAVILY relied on fruit..probably too much.  Have binged on nuts pretty frequently too to get through a salt craving, maybe a second W30 with more restrictions?????

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Hi, thanks for writing back and thanks for your honesty. Sounds like for sure you have an association with sweets so killing off that Sugar Dragon would be a very strong part of another Whole30 if you were to commit to one. 

Unfortunately the nuts and fruits were the surest way to keep all those old associations to sugar alive and to let your dragon know that it's fine, we'll keep feeding you, we'll keep you happy and fed. Except that YOU are unhappy. So....what to do.

For you, if you're going to hit Whole30 again, I would focus on meal template - meal template - meal template! Protein, veggies and fats at every meal. Building meals that will keep you going for 4-5 hours, thus eliminating the need to snack. Use fruits as a condiment, if at all (like on salads or apples sliced into a stirfry etc), make sure your first meal is within 1 hour of waking. Put the nuts away as it not only keeps that snacking urge alive and well, they aren't even that great of a fat source and they can upset your stomach. Plus, depending on which ones you were eating, they are pretty "carby" which can stand in place of sugar. Avoid ANY chia puddings, n'oatmeals and the like which, although barely technically compliant, are just pudding for breakfast. Not where you want to drive yourself.

If you're actually craving salt, make sure you are salting your food. Having come from a background of processed or fast foods and then moving directly to whole foods, your sodium intake is going to decrease dramatically.....only you actually need sodium to live. Salt your food. And watch salted nuts anyway as they are usually coated in non-compliant oils. They're bad news.

You sound like you're so disappointed and I would encourage you to quickly change about your thinking. I'll help. "I did 39 days of fully compliant Whole30 eating. I helped my body heal. I had xyz (you fill in) non-scale victories. I lost 14 pounds. I followed through with something hard and I did it! And I learned that alcohol upsets my stomach and that I'm really not ready to moderate myself around chocolates."

See? None of that is disappointing or shameful. It's all just lessons and experiences. There's no shame in what happened with the chocolate. Just higher awareness now. :)

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