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Easier than expected. Is it working?


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I'm on day 5 of my journey and it has been a lot easier than expected. I woke up on day 2/3 with a minimal headache and was a zombie on day 3/4. I wanted to do nothing but sleep and when I finally did get a chance to sleep it was like a rock. I have also had a shorter fuse with my kiddos (which I'm being very mindful of). That being said, my "detox symptoms" seem to be a whole lot more mild than expected and compared to others. Literally it just seems like a normal day. Am I doing this right? I have read and re-read every label, I haven't consumed anything not on program, and have been trying to take notice of any non-scale victories. I also recognize that everyone's journey is different and I'm 100% committed seeing the full 30 days through (of not more). I'm hoping to see more results. 

In any case I wanted to check in with others to see if anyone else experienced this and maybe gain a little reassurement. Thanks!!

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The timeline & 'side effects' are guidelines, and their severity often depends on where you come into this from a health/diet perspective. Not everyone goes through each of the phases/stages.

If you'd like to check that you're on the right track feel free to post a few days worth of your meals, along with liquid intake, activity levels etc and we can take a look but it sounds to me like you're doing fine.

I'd take this as a win and keep going.... :)

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I am also on day 5 and I am feeling pretty good. I was going to make a post asking about this too. This must be the first time anyone has ever actually wanted to get a headache hahaha. My sugar dragon is ginormous, but I don't think I've had too much fruit (I haven't even had any major cravings for junk food, which is weird!).  I've been careful to be compliant, so I'm hoping that I'm just lucky and am missing this phase and not doing something wrong. Here is what I recall having:

day 1:

3 hard boiled eggs, apple

tuna salad (spinach), boiled egg, celery, avocado, whole30 ranch

Salmon with a side that I can't remember

day 2:

2 hard boiled eggs

greek salad with whole30 greek dressing, boiled egg

Zoodles with shrimp and romesco sauce

day 3:

3 hard boiled eggs

tuna salad (spinach), boiled egg, celery, avocado, whole30 ranch and cantaloupe 

Zoodles with compliant Italian Chicken sausage and romesco

day 4:

3 hard boiled eggs

Zucchini and sweet potato latkas (coconut flour, egg, spices) and boiled egg

grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes. 

day 5:

3 hard boiled eggs, banana


I don't recall the snacking I've done for sure, but it's been minimal - a banana maybe, olives, cantaloupe. 

Thanks for any insight!

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