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I posted before I read through pages 2&3 of the discussions. My apologies. I'm going to try the picke juice hack. Thanks! And I'm feeling reassured that Tylenol is "OK" due to fitting the "don't suffer" rule/guideline. I do remember that from reading the "Can I Have?" about cold medicine. Would Zyrtec fail into this category too. I'm in upstate SC and allergies are hitting me harder than ususal and could also be contributing to headaches and achiness and fogginess. 

I"m still intersted in feedbak about my FODMAP question. I can provide a summary of my last few days of meals (or basic average meal ) in detail if that helps. 

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Actually, yes, snacking on basically junk food instead of eating real food, thereby depriving your body of actual nutrition IS likely contributing to the headache... she wasn't saying a Larabar is goi

Also, dude, that list of "worst diets" was a list of "worst diets for weight loss". Absolutely nowhere is Whole30 advertised as a weight loss plan. In fact, it's regularly mentioned that it's not. Lot

I am also suffering from headache where I never had headache before (Whole 30).  I am on day 15.  Dull headache always there (started day 3) and it spikes to pretty miserable.  

The general stance is that medications/doctor's orders take precedence, so I think a few Tylenol as needed would be fine. In another post, one of the mods confirmed that it was OK for someone to continue to take her birth control pills even though they tasted slightly sweet and may have had a very small amount of sugar in the coating.

I also know that the general recommendation is to complete one full round of regular Whole30 before switching to a FODMAP/AIP/etc. protocol. At Day 18, you are pretty close!

One more thought on the headaches--are you getting enough water? I have not been trying to do a low-carb Whole30 but I know my carb consumption is lower than before, and for me that means I need to drink more water throughout the day. Unless I am very tired or caffeine-deprived, most of my headaches stem from mild dehydration.

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