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I am starting this new Whole30 today and I have no clue what I am getting myself into.  I am confused on some of the foods I can and cannot eat. I feel like I need someone to help me figure out what to eat for each meal. I have signed up for the meal plan but it is all a bit overwhelming.

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Hi @momoftwins & welcome to the forums - there are a ton of resources online, some of which I've linked below, to help you  through the 30 days & pretty much anything you might want to ask will have been asked before here on the forums. The easiest way to search is via Google - just type in Whole30 + your query (eg. Whole 30 rice vinegar) and you should come up with links to previous discussions.

Can I Have....?

Whole30 rules

Rules V Recommendations

Sneaky Sugars

Common Additives

Meal Template

Follow the meal template, aim to drink a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily, keep nuts & their by-products (nut butters/oils) to a minimum, and salt your food and you'll do just fine :)

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I just started on the 5th, and I would recommend reading It Starts With Food at some point early on. I've had weight/food issues for most of my life and this was really helpful for me in gaining a better understanding of why my body needed this right now and how it was using things like sugar in the wrong way. That's helped me stay motivated and in planning meals.

I took the time to buy and prep a lot of veggies so our family had a container of carrots, green peppers, etc to just grab from. I cooked up some chicken and had it in a container to grab from for easy protein in a lunch time salad. Have lettuce handy and ready to go. Boil a bunch of eggs to have in the fridge for easy snacks or salad/breakfast add ins. Stock up on a lot of different kinds of meat and fish so that it's in your freezer and you can just pull it out and pair it with veggies for an easy meal. Stock up on spices and cooking fats (oils, clarified butter) so you can try different flavors in things. There's also a shopping list on the downloads page that is really handy at the beginning when it's all new and overwhelming. Pinterest is also great for finding new recipes.

Remember that meals don't have to be complicated. A steak or chicken breast or piece of fish seasoned the way you like, with a salad and/or other veggies is a meal. Salads can be fun when you add in things like sliced peaches or mangos with red onions and cucumbers. Salad dressing can be as simple as balsamic vinegar and olive oil (add some crushed garlic & salt and it's delish). I think it feels overwhelming because it's a change, but if you take baby steps it can actually be fun. Several people have said that meal planning was more important in the first couple of weeks while they got their bearings, then after that they felt more in control and able to be more creative. I've decided to try one new recipe a week and the rest of the time we're eating things that feel normal to us, but tweaked to be compliant.

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