Bagel brunch hours after I eat breakfast

Grandma Judy

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Invited to a birthday brunch - which I know will be bagels and probably cake.  It's at 10:15 - way after I normally eat breakfast.  I'm on Day 15 - do not want to blow my success.  In the past, I'd have eaten a tiny bit.  Now - none of it.

I've been home with a bad cold since before I started my Whole30.  So I've been in charge and in control of all of my food.  This is my first venturing out.

I've appreciated learning how to talk about what I'm doing.  My question is how do I manage my eating schedule so I can continue my success?  I have not been eating mid morning....

Thanks for your ideas and help


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Eat your breakfast when you normally would -- if you're not normally hungry at 10:15, you shouldn't be hungry at the brunch, but if you're concerned, you could have an extra egg or something, either with your breakfast, or just before you leave for the brunch. Go to the brunch, have coffee or tea. If they have fresh fruit, you can get a plate of that, which you can eat, or just use as a shield when people offer you other food ("No, I don't need any cake right now, I'm still working on my fruit, thanks!").  If you think you may be too tempted by the food and need something to eat, and are concerned they won't have anything you can eat, you could take a little something with you in your purse to have -- raw veggies, peeled hard boiled egg, some jerky -- but again, if you're not normally hungry at this time of day, you shouldn't be hungry.

If anyone asks why you're not eating, you could go with, I already ate breakfast, or I always eat when I first wake up, and I'm just not hungry now, or if it's a serve yourself type deal, just deflect them with something like, Oh, I'll go get something in a minute, I was just enjoying catching up with everyone -- how have you been?


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Success!  It was a buffet.  I brought a fruit salad with lots of coconut flakes.  No one noticed that I only took fruit or had black coffee.  I easily said no to birthday cake - which did not raise any questions.  In fact - no one had any questions so I didn't get to use my one-liner!!

I love this program and am amazed that the carbs served did not call me at all.  I barely noticed them.  Didn't feel deprived.......was still full from my breakfast.



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