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Help! Bloating/constipation. R1D13

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Hello fellow Whole 30ers! 

Im 13 days into my first Whole 30 and I'm very uncomfortable!

My bloating/constipation is bad!! I'm on my third day of adding miralax and no relief... I'm also drinking 16 oz of GT synergy kombucha daily. I'm hoping I can give a run down of my typical eating and one of the moderators can help or suggest some tweaks?

Breakfast: frittata muffins (3) they have eggs, sweet potato, onion, spinach, bell pepper or 2 over east eggs fried in ghee With either 1 banana or 1/2 grapefruit and either a small baggie of almonds/cashews/walnuts/unsweet coconut or 1-2 tbs of almond or cashew butter with my banana 

lunch: large salad with roasted sweet potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts (I've picked the Brussels out yesterday and today), grilled marinated chicken breast, romaine/mixed greens/ red bell pepper/ half avocado/ tessemaes balsamic 

snack (if any) : marinated Greek olives or a small handful of nuts or 1 rx bar yesterday but it was an emergency or small Handful of some roasted veggies dipped in mayo 

Dinner - pork posole from the whole 30 cookbook or marinated flanksteak with green beans and mashed cauliflower or the pimento chicken burgers with fennel mayo from the whole 30 cookbook 

drinking at least 100oz of water each day and usually a cup of mighty leaf organic detox tea  

any insights??? TIA!! 

*Workouts are 5X per week high intensity boot camp 50 min  - I usually just eat my next meal after my workout (breakfast or dinner) 


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Hunh. Your meals sound alright but hard to tell quantities. How many veggies per meal? 

I'd try laying off all nuts and nut butters as they are gut disruptive. Add 2-3 cups veggies to break far andeave off the banana.  Bananas are what people eat after they have stomach flu or diarrhea so you probably don't need their firming effects. If you get my meaning. ;)

You can try supplementing with magnesium which helps with pooping and which most North Americans are deficient in.

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Thank you for your response lady shanny! I will lay off the nuts! 

For breakfast I have only about 1/2 cup veggies in the frittata muffins because due to my work I need to eat breakfast in the car so I can't really eat sautéed veggies :-( 

For lunch I probably have 4-5 cups romaine/greens plus 1/4 cup peppers 

for dinner I probably have 1-2 cups veg or 3/4 cup mashed cauliflower and another veggie side  



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