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Started Whole30 Jan 9

Kathy Jackman

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I've been practicing eating Whole30 style since learning about it in November. I was in a training with a friend and we ate every night at an amazing restaurant that served Whole30-style food. Ate leftovers for lunch, stuck to this for about a week. I was feeling so much better than normal. Trying to figure out why, and came to the conclusion eating first thing in morning -- which I never do -- then a real lunch, and dinner about 7 -- instead of 8:30 or 9; and no grains. One week, and felt really good. I started the diet 6 days ago, but this time no alcohol, no sugar cheats, and living my more stressful lifestyle. Not feeling as good, but very excited by the testimonials of others. I have had gut issues my whole adult life, whole body inflammation, fatigue. I hope and pray this works!!! I am reading all the books, FB, blogs for inspiration. I really don't want to fall off the wagon. Thanks, Hartwigs, in advance!

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