Week 1 Reflection and Breakfast Questions

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I am on day 7 today, so just finishing up my first week on the vegetarian program. My sources of protein have been Eggs, Tofu, Tempeh, and a bit of edamame in my curry last night. 

So far, I have been feeling surprisingly well. I was really worried that I would have bad withdrawal symptoms that I've heard about, but I didn't. The only thing I felt was a bit more tired, so I ended up not working out as much this first week as I had hoped. Looking to get back to my regular fitness schedule in week 2! 

My biggest problem so far is boredom. I'm starting to get really bored with the food I'm eating, especially breakfasts - which are usually eggs, spinach (or other type of leafy green) and some potatoes. I don't have a lot of time to cook in the mornings, but I wish there was something different I could make! I'm able to prepare Chia pudding for a few mornings. 

How is everyone else's journey going so far? 

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The best thing to do about breakfast is to stop thinking about it as some special meal that has special foods that you must eat at that time of day. A lot of people refer to their meals as meal1, meal2, and meal3 to reinforce the idea that anything you can have for one meal, you can have for any other meal. You could make extra at supper the night before and have leftovers in the morning, for instance, or make a big batch of whatever foods you like that will hold up well for several days so you can just grab, reheat if necessary, and go. If it's cold where you are, you might like soup first thing in the morning, and it's usually easy to make a batch big enough to last the whole week.

Be careful with the chia pudding -- if you have it on its own, you're having a lot of fat, but not much protein or vegetables, and if you're making one with lots of fruit, keep in mind that sometimes fruit in the morning can cause a blood sugar spike, then drop, which for many people results in them feeling hungry faster.


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