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Day One fail or not?


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Well today should have been my day 1 but it started to go wrong yesterday. I was supposed to do so batch cooking so come this morning I could just jump in feet first. However I woke up with bad back pain, it's an ongoing thing, and sciatica, another ongoing thing  I had handful of painkillers and other meds for breakfast and was back in bed  by 9am. Woke up again at 1.30pm, had more painkillers for lunch , another 1.5hour nap in the afternoon and a couple of birthday choc for my dinner and a banana. So no forward cooking got done.

Then today I didn't wake till 11.15 am! no pain today though, not hungry but thought I'd better eat something after yesterdays frugal bits so I had a banana and tablespoon of almond butter. Lunch at 1pm was a kiddy size pear. I was feeling a bit better by now so I made a sort of breakfast casserole/frittata thing with eggs, bacon, mushroom, green beans, a red bell pepper and onion. Had a small slice of this at 2.30pm then made tonights dinner of roast lamb, roast white potatoes, roast sweet potatoes cauliflower and carrots.

Tomorrow I'm planning Breakfast......Some of the frittata with avocado. Lunch.....roast chicken leg cucumber and tomatoes. Dinner.....mince with chives, onions spinach and cauliflower.


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