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Day 10!


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I just sign up for the forums. This is day 10 for me. I have had some hangry moments when I have been too busy to cook when I needed to, but grabbing an avocado and a spoon did the trick until I could get a meal made.  I'm trying to always have something I can eat right away with minimal prep. Other that that I haven't felt any of the bad symptoms people talk about. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong?  I'm pretty sure sugar is a problem for me, but I'm not trying to get over a caffeine addition or soda addiction so maybe that's why it's going well. Everyday I wake in fear that it will hit me.  I am realizing that I maybe need to drop my fruit and nut butter after dinner snack.  I'm still reading my book that just came.   Better than the ice cream I used to turn to!

I'm not noticing any difference in the way I look. I do want to loose about 15lbs of baby weight. I'm doing this for other reasons as well. I've had headaches since I was little, had gestational diabetes 2x and DO NOT want to eventually get diabetes. I've also had problems with wheat in the past but since my youngest was born that is no longer an issue.  Im tired all the time and things just hurt. I'm wondering if the good sensitivity issues I was having are presenting in a different way that in the past and I'm just not recognizing them. 

I'm the only one in my home doing this. My husband and 8 (yes 8) kids are supportive, but also do things like make cookies and chow down on bread at every meal. LOL. Glad to be here!

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