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LOG: Mostly Whole30 for about 9 months, derailed a bit during holidays


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Hello all.  I'm Alexis, mom to four little boys ages 2, 4, 7, and 8.  From about May 2016 - October 2016 I was pretty strictly Whole30, except that I did check my weight a bit and did enjoy the occasional baked good (made with banana as a sweetener).  I was kind of fanatical about exercise, probably overexercising, about 1.5 hours almost every day.

Then came Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my 10-year anniversary with my husband in Hawaii, Christmas :)  When I off-roaded, it was hardly ever with gluten, because it messes me up big time.  It is difficult some because no one else in my family avoids carbs and sugar.  However, keeping sugar and other trigger foods out of the house has been HUGE.  I just don't buy it and ignore the complaints from my loved ones.  Not having ice cream in the house never killed anyone.  LOL.

Currently, I would like to get strict again and do a Whole30, but I keep cheating... every day.  Today, I cooked a big batch of salmon patties and balsalmic mustard chicken thighs, and sauteed a lot of lacinato kale with swiss chard, garlic and onion.  Then I remembered that I have Halo top ice cream (kind of chemically low carb diet food) and ate it.

One awesome development is that I wake up, have two big glasses of lemon water, a cup of coffee with coconut cream (which i want to cut out) and then I do at least half an hour of yoga.  I love the yoga and it makes me super happy.  Also, I don't feel as deep down in my bones fatigued as I did when I was religiously working out 7 days a week.  Now it's more like 4-5 days a week.  I'll do more yoga, do super fast sprints for 20 min., pushups, planks, 10 min. pilates, booty lifts, maybe the rower or swim 10 min.

I'm doing 3 Dietbets right now, and my weight is psychologically a huge issue for me.  I'm at 125lbs right now (5'3) and I have a big event on March 18th.  There's a live auction at my school, and I'm chair of the donations committee.  The theme is St. Patrick's Day, and I have a pretty green dress that really looks best on me when I'm about 115 lbs.

I know that no one really cares about my weight, and it's a pride issue, and it's more important that I'm a good mom and wife.  But once I'm down at that weight it's really not a big issue maintaining it.  The truth is, I feel amazing when I am at a lighter weight and I have way more self-confidence and I feel like people are nicer to me.  I have small bones and I don't hold excess weight well.

I'm going to keep a log here of all that I eat, exercise, ect.  I hope to meet some like-minded people here.


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