Day 21 - Want cake and feeling tired!

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Dear All,

I need a little moral support if you can help:  I had a really busy weekend (I am partially self employed so often have to work at funny times) and I think Whole30 has made my insomnia worse, so right now I'm feeling really tired and I just wish I could eat some cake.  I know it's just a little feel good energy that I'm craving but it just feels hard right now.

Any tips of coping with moments like these?  My meals feel pretty balanced and I normally feel fine between meals on Whole30 (I've barely snacked and don't eat much fruit but do eat plenty of fats with my food).

Any help or support would be so much appreciated right now.

Jen :unsure:


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Hi I am on day 21, too! Don't eat the cake! It's not worth it and you will feel terrible after for two reasons. 1) The sugar won't taste that great and your energy may increase but you'll crash later and feel worse, and 2) you will break your commitment to yourself, which will feel worse than anything. You have come so far to give up now. If you really want to eat the cake you can eat it in 10 days. 

As far a coping, I am sure someone with more experience than I will come along and provide you with some ideas. Maybe go for a walk? Drink some water? Read something? Take a nap?

Hang in there! And DON'T EAT THE CAKE! 

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Heya, only day 15 over here, but I feel your cravings. If it gets really bad I have to ask myself, what's up that I'm feeling this way. I just realized I had been eating too much fruit the last few days and that was amping up my sugar cravings, but sometimes it's that I feel isolated from people around me. Other times it's that I feel like I'm depriving myself and already am feeling shitty about something and not being able to just eat whatever I feel like gets to me.. Sometimes it's that I'm pmsing and I don't always realize it right away. If you've definitely eaten enough at your meals (and enough fats) to hold you over, give yourself a different kind of reward. Take a bath, watch your favorite movie, go for a walk, drink something delicious (favorite teas or coffee), snuggle someone or some animal, read a good book, go window shopping. I think if you really thought about what the cake would actually taste like, instead of the idea of the cake, you'd probably think it was gross. 

I went out to dinner for my bf's father's bday last night. I was eyeing the bread and butter, and sour cream for my plain baked potato. Those things I genuinely missed. But when we went back to the house for cake, I was a little jealous but when I thought about how the cake would taste, I didn't miss it at all. It helped that it wasn't my kind of cake anyway, but even so, the delicious part is momentary but the sugar crash, never ending thirst (I am so much LESS thirsty on this diet!), the sick to my stomach goes on for hours. Days and weeks even. Hang in there, you got this.

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