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Birth Control woes


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I'm exactly halfway through my Whole30. This week I forgot to take one of my hormonal birth control pills one night, then took two late the second night. As a consequence I started an early period. It's possible I might have a very long period now, not really sure. Usually my periods aren't bad, but this period feels like before I was on BC with more severe cramps. Going to talk to my OBGYN.

It's just so frustrating because the beginning of W30 was fairly easy for me, but now I feel bloated and irritated. 10 or so days in I had felt good and energized.

Anyone else had to deal with issues with their hormonal BC or just bad period stuff during their W30? Trying to drink a lot of water to de-bloat, any other tips would be helpful. Also just looking for support just cause this has been a bit of a kick to my motivation.

Thanks ladies!

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