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Hello- Day 1 for me

Melissa Shelly

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Hello everyone,

I am not sure how to introduce myself other than starting a new topic. If that’s a no-no, I apologize. Just wanted to let you know that today is my first day! The last two weeks I was doing a cleanse, of sorts and was very very similar to the Whole30 except I was allowed to have paleo shakes and beans (which I didn’t eat), stevia (which I loved in my tea and in my morning Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon drink; and I was not allowed caffeine. Other than that, the same. So in a sense, this is Day 15 but not really since I had the stevia so now I am beginning.

My question is, I sometimes am running to a circuit training class early in the morning and I don’t feel like eating anything beforehand….then I’ll have two hard boiled eggs and play tennis. Then I stopped at grocery store—starving. I had a 3rd egg and TWO compliant LARA bars because I was starving. Now I just had two compliant sausages and it’s almost 4 pm. I have some work to do and then I will make dinner. I guess what I”m asking is how I could do this better, rather than grazing all day.

Hope to make some connections.

Thanks for the support,



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It's best to try to eat something within an hour of waking -- so if your circuit class makes it longer than that before you eat, you could try eating one of those hard boiled eggs beforehand, or some other little bit of protein and fat. Some people can't manage that, so do the best you can. Here's some explanation of why you should try to eat within an hour of waking up.

After your workout, have a post-workout of lean protein and some starchy vegetables -- chicken or tuna & sweet potato is popular. How long do you have between your class and tennis? Typically, someone working out in the morning would do workout, post-wo food, then shortly after that a full breakfast. If you have time for that before tennis, great. If not, then you definitely need to take your breakfast with you and eat it after you're done with tennis.

Every time you eat, other than the pre- and post-wo meals I mentioned above, have protein, fat, and vegetables. That combination will fill you up and keep you from grazing all day. You want your meals to match the meal template.

Should you find yourself at a grocery store picking up quick food at some point, look for hard boiled eggs, cans/pouches of tuna or salmon, small containers of olives or compliant guacamole for easy fat (Wholly Guacamole has some varieties that are compliant, but some aren't, and you might check any that are made in-store if your store does that, since they might be okay as well), and vegetables -- if they have a salad bar, that makes the veggie part easy, if not, they probably have some pre-cut carrots, some cherry tomatoes, maybe snap or snow peas, or other precut, prewashed vegetables you could have.


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