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A New Start in the Far North!


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:D Hello W30 family!  I'm Shannon Butler. Or ShayZ and it's a new year for me.  I dabbled in the W30 a few months back on the recommendation of a close friend who has used the W30 to control her type 1 diabetes.. So. I gave it a shot. Half heartedly and lost 15lbs with NO EFFORT. Felt better than I had in years. I had not read the book, I was just going off of what she suggested.. Now after going back to my old way of eating and reading both books Im ready to do it seriously. For myself, health and life. 

And living in Interior Alaska and having a small budget has unique challenges. But I am game. I am open to all suggestions and prayers! I'm determined to succeed no matter how long it takes! 

My start date will be Wednesday the 18th or Friday the 20th. Im excited and nervous. 


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