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Why hello once again Whole30. 

I am going to attempt this again. Last time, I only made it to the end of day 9. It was good and bad. I felt better...like MUCH better. Actually, pretty much amazing (and I lost 3 pounds in that small time frame!). Plus, I learn many things. And the thing was, day 9 was actually pretty good. At least, in the Whole30 world. The thing was (and I know...excuses) I was so stressed with the middle of finals occurring, the holidays were in full swing, my "time of the month" had just started and it was the two year anniversary of my father's death. And then to top it off my neighbor brought over cookies! Man, I was done and out. And when I say done and out I went hard. You can just imagine.

So I enjoyed the holidays, even went to New Orleans but the thing is...ever since I went back to normal food I have just been feeling like, well, crap. So now I'm starting fresh. I bought the Whole30 cookbook, stocked up on some food, and ready to try - and complete - this for real. The semester is starting tomorrow so I wont have finals looming over me, I have a swimming class scheduled for the semester and will just have much more time to just enjoy life.

Since I went off the deep end last time, like I said, I've felt like crap. I got pretty sick back to back during the holidays and from that time both my stomach and head have been in pain. Much more pain than normal. I've been pretty nauseous throughout the day and it just sucks. It's time for this to end. 

So basically, I started today. I was thinking of starting tomorrow but halfway through my day I realized everything was Whole30 approved and I had been in the mindset so...why not? I'm ready to go and begin this journey again. Today I had some simple foods. Banana, carrots, chicken apple sausage, avocado, hard boiled eggs. Honestly, that's pretty much the only food I've really been able to eat the last few days without feeling like I'm going to vomit so that's what I stuck to. I keep trying different foods. I guess, now that I think about it...non-Whole30 foods...and sometimes it was okay. However, many times when I went to bed my stomach was once again not happy sometimes to the point where it's hard for me to sleep. 

Well I guess that's it. It's a lot but it's there and the truth. I'm ready to start this again and get many more ideas on food and flavors. That was something I highly enjoyed last time and ready to try again.

Here we go, attempt 2.

Day 1 complete. :rolleyes:

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