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Late night eating


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I work 2:30 to 11:30 pm and I'm running into the problem of only getting in 2 meals a day.

I get up a 7:00 am get tot off for school. 

Then go to workout by 9:00am I practice Bikram Yoga so I can't eat before a workout. I have tired and heat food don't mix. I leave get home by 12:00pm. So my first meal isn't till 1:00pm.

Then dinner at 6:30pm 

Then after work at 11:30pm I'm so damn hungry it's unreal! I just want to binge on everything. 

So should I plan a 11:30pm meal?  Since currently at night I'm eating almonds raisins and more than I should.





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If you're hungry at 11:30, and it's totally normal for you to be hungry at that point, definitely eat. Not almonds and raisins. Protein, fat, and vegetables. Preferably a full-sized meal, but if that disrupts your sleep, have smaller portions, but still protein, fat, and vegetables.

But let's maybe talk about this some. You can't eat something -- like an egg -- at 7 am? You could keep hard boiled eggs or egg muffins or meatballs or grilled chicken or something in the fridge and grab some and eat it first thing. Doesn't have to be an amazing meal, it's not for pleasure, it's for fuel. Even two hours before your workout, that won't work? Because ideally, you should eat within an hour of waking up, and you're currently not getting enough food in general, so if you can manage something pre-workout, that would be great. This would be a pre-workout meal, which is meant to be in addition to your other three meals.

What time does your workout end? It's not three hours, right? If your workout is at all strenuous, try to have at least some lean protein, just a few bites (and optionally some starchy vegetables) very shortly after the workout. This is your post-workout meal, and like the pre-workout meal, it is in addition to your other three meals.

So ideally what would happen is eat something at 7 am (just a little something, preferably something with protein and fat), workout at 9, as you leave the workout place, pause to eat something like a few bites of chicken or tuna and maybe some sweet potato -- you could leave it in a small cooler or insulated bag in the car if you need to. Get home, eat breakfast at 1 pm. Eat lunch at 6:30 pm. Eat supper at 11:30 pm, or at least a mini-meal -- or even consider taking a meal with you to work to eat before you leave if you need to.


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I just can't to have the best yoga practice I have to be empty. I can't do a protein for sure not enough time to fully digest it. I wake st 7:00 so by the time I'm in the kitchen it's 7:30. I have to at least get 24 ounces of water in before 9:00. The heat of a 105 room and 30 to 40 humidity and food is a no go. I workout from 9:00 to 10:30am. I get out of there at 11:00 I do keep a snack of nuts in my bag in case I can't make the 20 minute drive home.

Im going to go with the night meal see if that helps.  

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