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Starting my 9th Day


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Today is the beginning of day #9 on the Whole 30.  100% compliant!  As someone who has had artificial sweetener (Splenda) in some form almost daily since they invented saccharine (yes, I know it's not good) and who loves my daily yogurt & skim milk in coffee and tea, I thought the Whole 30 would be difficult for me.  I already had a pretty vegetable and lean-protein laden diet but had allowed too much sugar and bread to sneak in during the past year.  This was my first time trying the program.

I started weaning myself off milk in coffee a week before I started the program, which I think helped.  On day 4 the bowl of plain fresh blueberries/raspberries/blackberries that I eat daily had taken on a new sweetness.  I've been cooking MUCH more than usual, not something I like, but the dishes I'm making are tasty, filling ("small" serving size is more than enough) and I'm stockpiling each recipe's extra portion(s) for later in the week or freezing.  I'm very excited about the healthy food I'm eating and that I'm making it taste so good.  My niece, who had a postpartum soy/dairy allergy turned me on to the fact that Whole Foods lists ALL the ingredients on their prepared foods so if I have a resource for prepared foods if I can't cook.  

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