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I'm on day 16 of my first W30, so I realize it's too early to really see or feel a difference.

I'd like to know for real... How you feel after you are done. 

I'm almost 58, pretty sedentary... I weigh about 40 pounds more than I should ...,And hoping to feel better if nothing else after I complete. 

The friends and family that have done this all say they knew it was good for them but really didn't feel different ( felt better, or had more energy or lost much weight ) when it was done.

So not to be a Debbie downer with this question ,but wondering about real life feelings and thoughts after you have completed.

tips for my age and such appreciated as well! 


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I am doing my 2nd whole 30 (I am 67 and active).  I definitely noticed a difference this time and last.  I have more energy, my stomach is flatter, I just feel better overall. I noticed that I am not reaching for the snack cupboard and have less cravings. Be patient, everyone is different.  Hang in there as it is worth it!!!!!


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Thank you. I appreciate this a lot.

I know it is too much to anticipate results at this phase but I also feel like so many posts , blogs, recipes ... You name it ( authors included!) are so young and thought that maybe results for more mature :) ones could be different. 

Thanks again. I will hang in for sure.

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Throw your age out with the bathwater.  Clear the decks. 

Think of your favorite celebrities. Most of them look half their normal age. There may be all kinds of nips and tucks going on but I can think of some who swear UP and down they haven't touched their bodies or faces.   

They have a different mindset.  Their body is their canvas and  bread and butter. They take extra special care because beauty and brawn walks and talks, pays all of the bills.

Taking all of the weight off in the shortest amount of time possible is a recipe for disaster. Your mind can't catch up with what we're putting the body through. Rebound weight gain is the dieter's nightmare.  It comes back with extra friends on top of the original weight loss.   

Then it digs a deeper hole for trying to reach that optimum setpoint.

You're somewhere in the future and you look and feel much better than you do right now. I cannot begin to give you a timeline for that.

The scale is a mindwarp.  So is age.

Throw it out with your bathwater.  Wash it right out of your hair. 

Today you will recoup the loss of motivation.  Motivation is the true gift that keeps on giving for the rest of your life.  Ride your wave and learn to surf.  

Don't let others marsh your mellow or hop on your full tilt boogie board. Some will try to ride your wave but it's all yours.  Get back on UP there and strike a pose. Balance your arms and keep riding.  

  Image result for photos surfer on top of the wave

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