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Laura's Whole30


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Day 1 went pretty well!  

Starting weight was 123-124, which is the largest I've been in awhile. Work schedule, stress, and helping my BF move across the country contributed to a disruption in my routine and took a toll on my weight and health. My hope is that doing the Whole30 will help me to get back on track. 

Breakfast was rushed- had a glass of cashew milk (unsweetened/compliant) with cinnamon, and half a cup of coffee. This did have lots of fat and protein so it was very filling. 

Lunch- The meal I had prepped the night before was good! Baked herb-crusted chicken breast atop some spinach and a bowl of roasted sweet potatoes (roasted with olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper). 

Snack- Well, this was supposed to be part of my lunch but my lunch got interrupted so I had it a few hours later: unsweetened/preservative-free almond butter with a sliced banana. 

Dinner- roasted cauliflower and potatoes, cucumber, baba ghannouj drizzled with olive oil. 

To drink I just had lots of water and a cup of coffee midmorning. I also love herbal teas, Perrier/LaCroix type of water with a splash of juice or a lemon, and I do not mind my coffee black. 

I didn't feel hungry at all today, buy my goal for tomorrow will be to incorporate more protein into the day. One thing I am thankful for is the abundance of grocery stores/health food stores in my area that sell good whole-30 compliant pantry staples! We were able to find coconut milk, almond butter, and lots of fresh meat, veggies, and fruit to prepare to get started. 

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Day Two Recap 

Today was a day off work so I got to drink my coffee slowly and enjoy a midmorning brunch! Potato and cauliflower hash (from leftovers), 3 eggs over hard with salt, pepper and paprika. I also had a banana and some almond butter. And a cup of black coffee. 

For dinner, I baked a whole chicken with herbs, and carrots roasted on the side. I served this with baba, cucumber, and a little spinach drizzled with olive oil (I don't love the taste of raw spinach so I mostly had the baba carrots and cucumber). 

To drink I had water, black coffee, black chai (just the tea no sweetener/milk) and kombucha. 

I felt great but got really tired towards the end of the day. 

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23 hours ago, colleen1492 said:

What brand of cashew milk do you drink?


The kind I drank on day 1 was only a single serve bottle of cold-pressed cashew milk. I'll check the brand next time I am at the grocery store. We have SODelicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk here and it does not have any added sugars or Carrigeenan (spelling?) 

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Days 3 and 4

Day 3- I had a splitting headache from the second I woke up. Going downstairs and preparing for a long day of work was a challenge. I could not force myself to eat anything, just drank a few sips of coffee and showered. Once I got to work I ate part of a LaraBar and a couple of nuts and more coffee. Finished half of the LaraBar later with a little bit of Kombucha tea. 

By lunch time (3pm) I was starving so I ate my whole lunch of chicken, cauliflower, guacamole, and carrots pretty quickly. Work was finished by 7 and I walked to the store to get food to prep for tomorrow's meals. I bought tahini (made from sesame) and 2 eggplants for making baba gannoush, and some olives. There were many yummy looking things I also wanted to get but I'm trying not to buy too much at once (to ensure freshness and avoid wasting food, and to save some $$$)  I also stopped for a cafe Americano on the way home since my head was still pounding. 

Dinner was more leftover chicken, olives, sliced avocado, roasted carrots, and after dinner I prepared the baba gannoush for the next day so I had a few bites of that for taste. 

To drink I had water, tea, Kombucha and probably a total of 2.5-3 coffees including the Americano. 

Day 4- Also started with a bad headache but it subsided as the day went on. Breakfast was once again difficult but I ate mini mandarin orange and then a half hour later ate a LaraBar. My goal was to use these only for emergencies but it's very hard for me to choke down food in the morning so I've resorted to them two days in a row now. The next couple days, I will have to think about how I can adjust my routine to get a better breakfast, since as long as I can remember I have never been a breakfast person. 

Lunch was light on the protein- had baba, olives, guacamole, carrots, and some nuts. My stomach just did not feel like it could handle a full meal even though I was hungry. 

Dinner I had a little more baba and olives along with leftover chicken and some roasted yam drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. 

Beverages for the day were water, tea, and about 9 oz of coffee (total). 

My mom is doing well and says she's feeling pretty good (less bloated), still struggling with SWYPO food and desire for sugars. 

Tomorrow will be a day off to work on more food prep! 

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Day 5

This was my day off so I attempted to de-stress. 

For breakfast I enjoyed 2 eggs cooked in olive oil with herbs and a fruit salad with a tiny bit of almond butter, along with one cup of black earl gray tea. This was around 11am, so it was more like brunch. A theme I am noticing in my posts is that it is very hard for me to eat in the morning! 

I then went for my manicure appointment and to run some errands in the afternoon. During my appointment I drank a tiny cup of black coffee. 

After my errands I stopped by the same cafe to get an Americano. 

Once I arrived at home, I had a kombucha and started some reading. The breakfast with the eggs was so filling, I did not feel like having dinner until past 8:30. For dinner I prepared a strip steak (cooked in extra virgin olive oil with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper), a salad of romaine, carrots, olives, and about 2tsp of slivered almonds, and finally cauliflower "rice" (finely chopped cauliflower that looks like a cous-cous or rice shape) also lightly sauteed in some olive oil. The salad was a little over half of my plate, the cauliflower 1/4 and the steak 1/4 (I ate half of it and will bring the other half for lunch at work tomorrow). 

Overall it was a good day. 

NSV- my skin is looking really nice and feel like my sugar/carb cravings were less today. My mood also seems happier/more easygoing which is possibly due to a lack of dramatic blood sugar fluctuations. Many times today I caught myself smiling and feeling bright and happy with an extra spring in my step despite having a stressful week! 

To do for tomorrow-drink more water! and less caffeine! 

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Day 6. 

1/5 of the way through, woo! 

Today was good and bad. I had a job interview this morning, woke up too late to cook/eat a real breakfast so I ate a Lara Bar. At the interview I had a cup of black coffee. 

I then proceeded to have a few small meals/snacks rather than full meals. My stomach was not feeling great (not hurting like it did before I started W30 but just feeling bloated and weird). 

Ate guac, carrots, and a packet of low-sodium tuna for "lunch." Didn't have time to eat much more even though I was still hungry. Finished my hard boiled egg, and romaine lettuce salad with olives, carrots, and almond slivers after finishing Job 1. 

I then went to my second job for a couple of hours, had a cup of black tea there. 

At home I ate the leftovers that I had been planning to eat for breakfast/lunch- a small portion of steak and cauliflower rice. 

I had to cook something I had been marinating to prevent it from going bad so I did so (took a few hours) and ate maybe six bites of that, but I was too full to eat any greens or anything else alongside of it. 

Additionally, I am really tired and do not know what to bring for lunch tomorrow. 

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Day 7 

Breakfast- egg scramble with compliant sausage, leftover roasted cauliflower (it's finally gone). Egg scramble was 2 eggs 1 sausage. I ate half of it. 

Lunch- other half of the egg scramble topped with guac. Yum! and some carrots and salad. 

Snack- Got starving around 5 and ate a larabar and the tiny bit of carrots and guac I had leftover from lunch, and tea. 

Dinner- 1/2 to 2/3 of a strip steak and a baked potato. 

NSVs- more energy throughout the day, generally feeling happier, fewer stomach pains and bloating. Clothes feel a little looser but I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking :)

Some strange side effects are - dull headache pretty much all morning, have to pee about every 20m. The noncompliant foods I have craved are mainly pasta and something crunchy like pita chips. 

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Day 8 

Breakfast- homemade mini frittatas with red pepper and compliant sausage, black coffee, water 

Lunch- another mini frittata, homemade baba ghannoush with olives and carrots, clementines, tea 

Dinner- Parsnip and potato mash (mashed up with olive oil), roasted turkey breast, zucchini, kombucha 

NSVs- I'm a little more productive this past week on w30 than I have been recently! 

Side effects- minor breaking out on chin 

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Day 9 


Larabar, coffee (at work)


Turkey, avocado, zucchini, carrots 


Turkey, zucchini, kombucha 


Day 10

Job interview early in the AM! Too nervous to eat or drink! 

Ate a larabar and 2 mini fritattas once I arrived at work 

Turkey and guacamole for lunch 

Chicken, zoodles, and multicolored potatoes for dinner

COFFEE and kombucha 

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Day 11 

I had really bad cramps today and low energy. 

Eating food first thing continues to be a challenge for me. I told myself I'd eat when arrived at work. I didn't end up doing so, so I had an early lunch instead that became more of a brunch. 

I had chicken, potatoes, multicolor peppers. The potatoes and chicken were cooked in olive oil so that was my fat. 

Lunch I had an acai bowl (confirmed the mix was compliant) with coconut, almond butter, and strawberry

Dinner was more chicken and a yam drizzled with some olive oil

After dinner I was still a little hungry so I had a small spoon of almond butter again 


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Day 12 

Day 12 was a mess. 

I had an acai bowl for breakfast with the same toppings. I wanted to also have an egg or two but couldn't stomach it. 

Lunch I had a Lara bar and some chicken 

Dinner was a steak and potato drizzled with olive oil and some kombucha 

Overall a very carb and fruit heavy day with not enough protein/greens/fat. I was not feeling well at all so I sort of let myself eat whatever seemed appetizing as long as it was compliant. I am really beginning to realize how I rely on comfort foods during certain times of the month. However, I am proud to say that I officially made it through the hardest days! And am enjoying the program to such an extent that when we were gifted fine chocolates at work by a customer and guacamole and fresh, hot chips by another customer, I was not even tempted to indulge! 


Day 13 

so far... 

I had a splitting migraine headache when I woke up so I went back to sleep. Woke up in the late morning and ate a brunch of 1.5 compliant chicken sausages and spinach scrambled with about 2.5 or 3 eggs (made 2 sausages 4 eggs and saved the rest for tomorrow's breakfast to ensure I get some protein in the a.m.)

I also had a spoonful of coconut manna (just pureed coconut) 

For a snack I had 2 mini clementines and some tea 

Planning turkey or chicken and yams and greens for dinner... will update at that time! 

Thinking about meal planning for the week and I will be making some more mini frittatas with egg, chicken sausage, and veggies for breakfasts. For lunch I will continue to take leftovers. Thus far I have avoided eating out except getting the salad bar at our local grocery once

I have 2 more Lara bars left at work and plan to just keep them there for extreme emergencies only and not purchase more for the rest of the 17 days. Even though I haven't felt well the last couple of days I still have energy and my stomach has not been hurting or bloated and my skin is getting clearer! 

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Rest of day 13- 

I ate the rest of my eggs, a potato drizzled with olive oil, and leftover zoodles with homemade tomato/red pepper sauce for dinner. I also had an apple cut up and a small amount of coconut manna, tea, and a glass of kombucha. 

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Your breakfast struggle sounds very familiar! I'm on day 3 of my umpteenth whole30 and the struggle hasn't gotten any better. I often scramble eggs with a banana and some cinnamon, nutmeg and hemp seed. Top with some coconut cream and berries. It's not ideal, but it allows me to eat some protein in the morning. 

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On 1/30/2017 at 7:58 AM, AndJP said:

Your breakfast struggle sounds very familiar! I'm on day 3 of my umpteenth whole30 and the struggle hasn't gotten any better. I often scramble eggs with a banana and some cinnamon, nutmeg and hemp seed. Top with some coconut cream and berries. It's not ideal, but it allows me to eat some protein in the morning. 

Thanks for the tip! 

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Day 14

No time for breakfast

Lunch- mix of chicken, chicken sausage, veggies, potatoes, avocado. And a larabar. Probably my worst lunch to date (just a bunch of leftovers to have something as I barely got a break). 

Dinner- hash of chicken, mushrooms, chives and spices with two eggs. 

Kombucha with dinner and coffee/tea throughout the day. 

This was not my best day. The whole day was rushed, I was feeling run down and exhausted and not too into cooking or prepping more meals. 

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Today is Day 17 and I'm still here! 

It has been a stressful last couple of days. I've been relying on eggs, guac/babycarrots, and the occasional larabar to get me through what has been an extremely busy time in both work and my personal life. 

NSVs- clothes are definitely looking better. My skin isn't perfect but blemishes are healing faster, less drowsiness after eating, and I definitely just feel more energetic, happier, more attractive, and more alert! 

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