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Looking for older accountability partner(s)


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Not that I have any problem with youth, but my so much about my struggle concerns age.. The hot flashes, loss of nouns when speaking,creeping arthritis, the question of whether to Botox or not to Botox. If the fountain of youth is my mind, then I'm looking for someone who's in the jungle with me trying to find it ( the ftn of youth not my mind, that boat sailed a while a go). Looking for person or persons who want to hack away at the vines of doubt, the slithering reptiles of unwanted change, the unexpected pit of hormone loss (crap, I thought puberty was tough) ; someone who also knows the incredible strength that comes from age and the wisdom of experience.

It's hard enough to get older, lets do it together and become not just older but better.

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Your post made me chuckle a little. Yeah, those hot flashes...ugh!! Botox..I am a fan, but too expensive for me..I did it back a couple of years back when the economy was strong and I loved it. Not sure how I feel about it now...that was before I even knew what Paleo was let alone Whole9.

Yes, those nouns...that is annoying. My mom, who is 86, does 2 crossword puzzles a day (San Diego Union and New York Times). She swears by it. :)

Personally, I love all the youth and older people and everyone inbetween on this site.

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I am in that jungle, too - my hot flashes prove it! I sometimes think that if i knew I would live this long, i would have taken better care of myself when I was younger! :P

Me too! In fact, I really didn't expect to live this long. (If you had seen me in my 20s you wouldn't have expected it, either.)

But here I am, scared to death that I'll be old before my time--actually, honestly, I was old before my time. This whole 30 has turned that around big time--it's been like a rebirth of sorts.

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What sort of accountability are you looking for? I'm not yet into menopause, so I may not be your target market. I can say that I felt incredibly old, with creaky joints and a distressingly unhappy metabolism, until Whole30. I think a lot of my issue was inflammation of joints and in my extremities. Caused lots of pain and sluggishness. That never happened in my twenties, I'll tell ya.

Anyway, if you're looking for a specific kind of accountability and if I can be part of that, I'd be interested. For myself, I'd like to get a running jump on the time when the hot flashes start rocking my world. So I'm in if you'll have me.

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