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Help! - I Accidentally ate cheese at a restaurant!


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I went to a restaurant today for a business lunch, and pre-researched the menu and even called the restaurant to make sure they had balsamic vinegar and olive oil for the salad I was going to order. I ordered the Cobb Salad, which was described in the menu as  chicken, avocado, eggs, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes, garden dressing. I ordered it without the bacon, blue cheese, and dressing. So I get the salad and start eating it and get to the very bottom when I notice all these little white pieces that looked like chicken, but were too perfect of squares to be. That's when I realized it was cheese. I stopped eating the salad immediately. I'm on day 9 and am so committed to this, and really tried hard to research the menu and call ahead before I went in, but they had hidden ingredients they didn't include in the description. Do I need to start over?? 

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