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Not Hungry


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I am baffled to find I forgot to eat lunch today and here it is 8pm and I am like oh yes, I need to eat. Today our routine was off so it is an abnormal day. 

I am so used to the highs and lows of sugar I am baffled that I am not hungry. I suppose its that entire avocado I ate with my eggs this morning. Don't worry, I never skip a meal...even though lunch was at 3pm today and am having a late dinner. 

Anyone else experiencing this? I should probably exercise, I am working through the whole 30 for motivation to get moving again. 6 months postpartum over here!

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Yeah, an entire avocado (unless tiny) would be a double serving of fat, and fat takes the body a loooooong time to break down & process which is why it is so good for satiety.

That said, loss of appetite isn't that unusual at some point during the 30 days as the hormones start to settle. We'd encourage you to not skip meals as this is counter productive. Obviously today was unusual, but should you not feel hungry again go ahead & plate up your meal, eat as much of it as you can & then wrap up the remainder to eat as soon as you feel able - ie. not the next meal.

Sometimes mixing it up a little helps - try a new recipe, or go for something you know you REALLY like, or something with a good strong flavour that will tickle those taste buds.

This too shall pass.

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