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What if I am intolerant to eggs?


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At the risk of sounding a little too on the nose, just don't eat eggs. 

There are threads here of no-egg breakfasts and tons of options out there. I got tired of eggs for a while and had a regular ol' template meal (often steak, green beans, and coconut milk blended into coffee) for breakfast. 

The other thing to think about is this: how are you feeling after eating the eggs? 

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I recently discovered I have an egg intolerance myself. It hasn't been too hard to eliminate eggs since I'm already cooking most things for myself. M1 is the hardest and I've been making lot's of sausage/veggie scrambles with compliant sausage from Costco.

M2 and M3 I've found easy to eliminate eggs since I don't really care for homemade mayo.

Pinterest has lot's of ideas for egg free meals.

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