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Jsouth21's First Whole30 Jan 2017


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Start date 01/09/2017

day 1:

3 hard boiled eggs, apple

tuna salad (spinach), boiled egg, celery, avocado, whole30 ranch

Salmon with a side that I can't remember

day 2:

2 hard boiled eggs

greek salad with whole30 greek dressing, boiled egg

Zoodles with shrimp and romesco sauce

day 3:

3 hard boiled eggs

tuna salad (spinach), boiled egg, celery, avocado, whole30 ranch and cantaloupe 

Zoodles with compliant Italian Chicken sausage and romesco

day 4:

3 hard boiled eggs

Zucchini and sweet potato latkas (coconut flour, egg, spices) and boiled egg

grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes. 

day 5:

3 hard boiled eggs, banana

Two chicken sausages and leftover romesco sauce. 

I can't remember what else I had that day

day 6:

scrambled eggs with spinach and half an orange

Stuffed bell peppers

snacks (cashews, melon)

day 7:

Frittata (egg, spinach, lemon juice, tomato, mushroom)

tuna casserole (tuna, zoodles)

day 8:

brunch: leftover frittata

cabbage soup with turkey (carrots, onion, spices, garlic)

day 9:

 3 hard boiled eggs, banana

leftover tuna casserole 

Pork with apple and spinach

day 10:

2 hard boiled eggs

leftover pork with apple and spinach


I have felt pretty good up until day 10, "the hardest days." I have strong cravings for chocolate and I want to just stop, but I know I won't. Before this, symptoms have been very mild and have mainly just been fatigue. The hardest thing about Whole30 so far is all the time spent cooking and grocery shopping! I am learning a lot, but I hope I can learn how to save money grocery shopping and meal prep better soon. 

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Day 10 (con't)

Sirloin steak with broccoli 

I took a nap after dinner instead of going to the gym, I was really tired on day 10.

day 11:

banana and hard boiled egg

blueberry RXbar (snack)

Leftover cabbage soup and an orange. 


I've learned to really love oranges during my Whole30; the ones I've been getting from my grocery store are amazing! Today I feel physically lighter and I feel calm (yesterday I felt more anxious, especially b/c of the cravings). I will begin boot camp challenge classes at my gym this evening. 

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day 11 (con't):

No dinner, snacked on fruit (can't remember specifics)

day 12:

1 boiled egg, banana

Blueberry RX bar

Tuna salad (boiled egg, half avocado, celery, compliant ranch)

chicken with compliant zesty ranch marinade  and mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, yellow carrots)

chamomile tea


day 13:

scrambled eggs with spinach, half an avocado and an orange.

coffee with cashew milk (I always forget to include coffee in most of my logs!)

snack: frozen grapes

1 1/2 Stuffed peppers (ground beef, kale, butternut squash, tomato paste)


Day 14:

scrambled eggs w/ onions

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Day 14 (con't):

Plantains fried with coconut oil, cinnamon, sea salt.

Salmon, half an avocado, seafood soup.

Mixed berries (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry) YUM!

Black coffee


Day 15:

3 boiled eggs, black coffee with coconut almond creamer

Leftover stuffed pepper


I'm at the halfway point and I'm feeling pretty great; my clothes feel looser, my mental clarity and energy levels have improved, and I've been able to easily resist desserts and other junk food. I have to say, though, I don't see myself finding dessert any less desirable even though I can say no to it now. But I'm happily surprised at how well I've done at resisting temptation. I think that I will try to take this momentum of healthier eating going after my Whole30 because I can see that it's worth it.

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