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2nd time around


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Hey there world! 

Im about three weeks into a second round. It's taking a lot longer to feel a lot of the effects I felt last time. For example, I'm still feeling fairly bloated, my skin hasn't cleared up the same way, clothes aren't fitting better yet. I remember this happening around week 3 last time- if not earlier. There were about 4 months of sloppy eating in between. 


Have others had similar experiences in a second/third/etc round?? 

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@jmusch Hiya!  Just came across your post - how are you doing?  You should almost be finished with your second round!

I started my second round on Feb 1 but I haven't been following the spirit completely - I have been snacking when I didn't really need it.  What I might do is extend it for a week longer...

I finished my first round on Nov 23 - then was pretty bad through Christmas, family visits, and Chinese New Year.  However, I hope to be back on track now!

I felt awful about my body, nothing was fitting right - I had a few VERY emotional days!  I picked myself back up on Monday with double workouts and still going strong today (Wed) - eating well and working hard!

Let me know your progress!! :)

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