Are most spices safe to eat? Some of my spices have calcium silicate and silicon dioxide in it to make it free flowing.


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I have noticed many spices have added ingredients such as calcium silicate and silicon dioxide to make it free flowing.  Is are these types of ingredients ok for the Whole30 program?  What about the spices that I have that don't have the ingredients listed on it?  Should I just go ahead and use them or do I need to research every single one?  Is there spices that are generally a safe bet to use?  Are there some spices that are typically off limits? 

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Single spices with nothing else in them, like a jar of cinnamon or cumin, don't have to have an ingredient list since the name on the jar is the only ingredient. Some brands do go ahead and put a list, some don't. 

If it contains anything other than a single spice -- whether it's a blend of spices or a spice plus silicon dioxide-- it should have an ingredients list.

In general, spices are okay, unless something non compliant like sugar has been added to them.

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