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January 20 Start - So excited!


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Hi All,

I looked for another thread with anyone starting on Friday, January 20 and did not see one.  I am a 40 something mom who is excited about starting this adventure,  My whole family eats loads of produce but eliminating the other items will be a new challenge.  I have been reading everything I can to prepare myself as well as talking with other who have done the Whole 30.  One thing that stood out to me was that every person I spoke with had glowing reviews of the Whole 30.

One of my main reasons to start is that I have been battling psoriasis for several years.  It's on the back of my scalp where no one can see it, but it seems to be spreading and hasn't responded to anything.  I am also hoping to see if this helps my hypothyroid battle.  I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have been on meds since.  They do help with some issues, but my weight doesn't seem to budge despite gym time and careful eating.  My endocrinologist suggested the benefit of a "reboot" like Whole 30.  

Tomorrow is my sister's 40th birthday and she lives in Dubai and we will not see her again until 2018, so I wanted to wait until after her celebration night.  My last few days will also coincide with the 1st vacation our family has taken in a long time, but that's OK.  I can do this.

Thanks for reading.  Going to peruse the forum to get some ideas for meal planning.  I bought several prep tools, too.  Cooking is one of my favorite activities to relax so I look forward to lots of prepping and kitchen time.


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Hi sdlp,

I am a 40 something mom too who also eats pretty clean. I just started Monday, so I am not far ahead of you. We eat relatively clean too, so so far I have not had much trouble...but I miss stevia in my coffee pretty bad. I do not know another soul who has done this or is doing it...so I am really relying on the forum for support. My husband is SUPER SUPPORTIVE but won't give up stevia and half and half in his coffee or his evening wine/cocktail. He is so far really enjoying the food. 

Have fun at your sister's party and good luck!

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