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Started Jan 3rd


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Hi all.  I just found this site and forum today even though I started W30 on January 3rd.  Giving up coffee creamer, dairy, grains, and alcohol has not been too difficult, surprisingly.  I normally eat pretty well so this is just more of that.  My issue is the migraines.  I have had a migraine for the past 4 days (starting on day 14).  I take some natural supplements so hoping it is not caused by a deficiency.  I also have basically quit having bowel movements since I started W30.  I've always had issues and take some herbal mixture which helps, but with or without the supplements, there's "no go".  Lastly, I have little energy for my evening workouts.  I see that this is supposed to get better, but when I'm the instructor and just want to blah my way through it, not good.  I'm considering adding grains for additional carbs and fiber.........but don't want to toss out the last 2+ weeks of whole eating.  Any ideas? 

Peace, love, and thanks.......robin

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