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Day 13 and feelin discouraged


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I'm on day 13 today, and I feel like I am killing it as far as being prepared and sticking to the guidelines. I even made it through a road trip, baby shower and retirement party where there was a taco cart caterer- that's unchartered territory for me to resist the temptation! Other than not craving some of the foods I used to consume daily, or not missing my beer very much, I'm seeing/feeling very little progress.

I broke the scale rule, I'm sorry! I get why we are told not to, because the number definitely can mess with your head. On day 8, I weighed myself and found that I had lost 0 weight, which was very frustrating. I have not weighed myself since and have stuck to the rest of the guidelines, but I can't help but feel afraid that I won't see any of the life-changing results I've read so much about. 

I get that it is not all about weight, but I've also seen VERY little NSVs. I haven't achieved "Tiger Blood," my clothing still fits exactly the same, I still have some blemishes that pop up, none of this skin glowy goodness. The only thing I can say is that my energy is more consistent throughout the day (only 1 cup of coffee per day, in the morning) though I do wake up with some gnarly eye bags in the morning, and that I have gotten back into a workout routine. Other than that, I generally feel the same, if anything, I have been slightly more emotional. 

I guess I just need to know that others have experienced something similar, and get some encouragement that this will eventually sort itself out. I would totally be willing to go for a Whole45, but I have a 10-day trip to Mexico just 4 days after my Whole30 ends. 

Thanks in advance for any words/help!

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I just wanted to write and say keep going! You are on day 13 and while you are not seeing victories that you wanted to see yet, try to keep a positive mindset. Looking at the Whole30 timeline, Tiger Blood roughly kicks in at day 16 so you still have a couple of days to go. Keep working at it and believe in yourself. You still got a little ways to go!

You can do it!

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