End of Day 19 - pants tight but mood is good


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I know it's not about the weight ...  , but ...

Nothing original... But like many, I haven't " seen" any difference. , yet I feel content and know this eating plan is helpful.

in times past when I've cut sugar and dairy,I noticably lost weight fairly quickly... At least I could tell a difference . 

Wish my bloating wasn't an issue. 


All in all, it's been a good journey. Hoping to see results as well as feel them :)

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If you're feeling good, then I say carry on as you are for the rest of the 30 days and then start tweaking to find that sweet spot - a little less fat, a little less carbs, maybe a little more carbs.

In previous rounds I've been the same as you - felt great but no noticeable fat loss. This time I can see a difference (I thought yesterday that my knees looked less wobbly, of all things!). I can't pinpoint a dietary difference between this round and my last, but I have recently started Crossfit (about a month before I started this round), so it's possibly related to that more than diet, or a combination of the two. I was training for half marathons during previous rounds, so exercising but completely different body stress.

There's heaps of threads with suggestions of what might cause bloating - there might have been a dramatic increase in cruciferous vege or coconut products or something easily rectifiable that has contributed. If you list a few days of meals, someone will be able to give you feedback on that :)

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I am also on day 19 and I am having the same problem! 

I mentally feel great! High energy, happy, workouts are stronger etc... no noticeable fat loss or weight loss but no big deal to me.

Bloating/constipation is really my only issue with W30 and it's a pretty big issue. I really thought W30 would be a solution for tummy trouble but it seems to be more of a problem. 

Ive cut out Brussels and other cabbage veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. I also have cut out nuts for the last couple of days. Have started eating 2 prunes after each meal and 1-2 digestive enzymes before each meal. Also take a multivitamin each morning and a magnesium supplement at night. Tried upping my veggies at every meal to at least 3 cups. I also drink kombucha everyday. I am trying everything!!! My tummy trouble seems to be better than last week, but this is not a regimen id like to have to keep up plus the prunes feed my sugar dragon. Sigh! 

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Have you looked into the foods high in FODMAPs? I have occasional troubles with bloating, and when I look at the FODMAP list, I usually find I'm eating a couple foods high in FODMAPs at each meal. Over the course of a couple meals or a day this seems to add up for me. In fact, as I sit here looking at my lunch, I have cauliflower rice and sugar snap peas together... maybe I'll just put those snap peas back in the lunch box....

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