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TODAY is the day (1/20/17) - intro


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Hello everyone, I am committing to getting BACK on the wagon; I started yesterday but eventually scarfed down 4 cookies at 11pm so today is actually the beginning. This isn't the first time, which is actually a "good" thing because, having done it before, it's a foregone conclusion I can do it again. In May of 2010 I went cold turkey and cut out all sugar, gluten, dairy etc - I did not know about Whole 30 then, I was following an autoimmune paleo protocol but it's basically the same thing. I started at 245 pounds but I did not actually expect to lose weight, I just had zero energy and suffered debilitating fibromyalgia and depression and I simply wanted to be able to move around without pain and exhaustion. I walked every day and was very strict with my diet, and I lost 90 pounds in the first 8 months then another 25 the following year. I maintained a strict eating plan and daily walking (with twice weekly dumbbell classes at a women's gym) and ended up competing in some road races, even taking home a trophy (!). Fibromyalgia totally in remission, I completed Yoga teacher training as well. Around the spring of 2014 I began adding gluten free sweets into my diet, which ended up being a huge slippery slope. I did ok keeping it in moderation until about 18 months ago and since then I have been consuming a lot of sugar, almost to the extent I did before the big change in 2010. As expected, like a frog in a slowly heating pot, the fibro slowly crept back, the migraines began increasing again, and the depression came back FULL force. 


When the "It Starts With Food" book came out, I bought 4 copies - I gave them to anyone who asked me how I lost weight. When the new edition came out I finally bought one that I got to keep! Although there are many excellent books out now I consider it THE go-to book for anyone wanting to make the positive changes I made. With that in mind, it's time for me to go back to living the way I know works best, and beat back this depression and fibro once more. I "only" gained back 15-20 of what I lost which is annoying but I keep reminding myself, nothing like facing a 100+ in front of me. In a sense though it's almost worse since I know better but have been eating cookies anyway! I'm sure everyone here can relate to the addiction of sugar and grains, even though I have remained gluten free - every year there are more and more gluten free junk foods on the market. It's more about getting back in the habit for me - one of the biggest changes I made almost 7 years ago was going from frozen microwave meals and take out to cooking everything I ate - that was the biggest hurdle but I managed it. In the last two years since becoming a single mother and returning to college, I've TOTALLY gotten out of the habit of cooking and that's the only real challenge I need to overcome (besides late night cravings - which will subside once I get to sleeping well again which will happen once I eat well again which will happen once I sleep well again....) - sorry this went so long, thanks for reading this far!



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