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Time to go shopping… but for what?


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I plan on starting tomorrow, Saturday, January 21st, and have done the necessary cleaning out of my fridge and pantry, but as I stare at bare space I'm wondering… what do I shop for? This is going to be a complete lifestyle change for me because I rarely cook and prepping things is very foreign to me. So I'm looking for quick and easy meals I can put together until I find a groove.  I think I'll be eating a lot of boiled eggs… but any ideas for quick breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas would be helpful. I know that I will have to prep and I plan on doing so but I want to make sure I prep things that I can easily grab in the morning before work and/or throw into my lunch bag and that is not too complicated for someone who rarely cooks or sautés, etc.  Any help on what to buy and/or what meals to make would be so appreciated. 


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