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Evening snack


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I've been eating a lot of nuts for snacking after dinner. Though allowed, I'm not comfortable eating nuts every night. I seem to crave the crunch. We (wife and me) are in day six and it is getting less difficult. Except the nut isssue.

Can anyone recommend an (or is it a ) alternative snack? I sure would love to hear from y'all and what your experiences with late night snacks are.



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We actually don;t recommend snacking, and even less so snacking on nuts. Nuts contain inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids in a higher proportion than they do anti inflammatory omega 3s, and they can be hard on the digestive system too so try keeping them (& their by-products) to a closed handful (or equivalent) every other day, max.

Are you hungry in the evenings that you need a snack? Or is it a habit?

If it's the former try adding more protein/fat to your earlier meal. If it's the latter try finding a new habit that occupies your hands & mind (board games maybe?) and you'll soon forget the nuts.

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Thank you.

this is exactly what I needed.

my late night snacking is mostly habit now that I think about it.

Every now and then, I would have low blood sugar and when it occurred I had a peanut butter sandwich. This would even out my blood sugar almost immediately . Now that I think about it, these blood sugar bouts usually come about after a high sugar desert like ice cream, etc. Since sugar consumption is not an issue. This problem should no longer be relevant.

Thanks again for your sage advise.



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