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Checking In for support

First Timer in TX

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Hi Forum,

I am on Day 9 and doing well, I think. I have really stuck with the program, am drinking my coffee black and doing a lot of planning and cooking. My husband is doing the Whole30 with me, and he eats a Paleo diet anyway (b/c he is allergic to wheat) so we had a bit of a head start in some ways. He had veered off being very strict though, so it is an adjustment for him too. I have had the dreams of eating a cookie (so weird) and have had to stop myself from picking up a cracker that my kids are eating, or something else not on the plan, without thinking. But so far so good. I have a couple of issues that I'm wondering if others have dealt with. 

Starting yesterday (Day 8), I have had intense cravings for things like milk, crackers and cheese. Is that typical at any stage of the 30 days? Does it come and go or is a hump that you have to get over? Or maybe it is just different for everyone.

Starting the middle of the first week, I have woken up with a horrible headache every day, which is definitely not the norm for me. Has anyone else had this issue? 

The one thing I am having trouble NOT doing is weighing myself. I know I am not supposed to, but I feel so good I'm just curious if it is translating to a weight change. Is anyone else doing this? 

BTW: Made the breakfast casserole from paleorunningmom.com last week (with slightly different ingredients) with sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, chicken/apple sausage, caramelized onions, milk and coconut milk. It was absolutely delicious and super filling!! My daughter (11 yo) had it for breakfast and dinner a couple of days! 


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Hi First Timer,

Good for you for sticking with the program! The dreams, the cravings, and the headaches are all part of it, and you're right, things are different for everyone. Have you seen http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/? It outlines some common stages most people go through at one time or another. 

Before starting this round, I had been making and eating quite a bit of yogurt, and I miss it. I don't drink milk, but I also find myself missing a nice big bowl of crunchy cereal drowning in it when I'm doing Whole30.  I can kinda-sorta get the crunchy fix from apples and raw veggies, and I'm purposely staying away from dairy substitutes (except for coconut milk cooked in a recipe) just to help break the "I want yogurt" connection while I'm on the program.

Keep going! It will be worth it. 

P.S. That breakfast casserole sounds delicious! I'm going to check it out.  (Just be careful to avoid milk while you're doing Whole30.)

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Welcome aboard, First Timer!

You're doing an awesome job!

As a native Wisconsinite, giving up cheese was one of the hardest parts of Whole30, especially since we never had less than 10 varieties in the fridge at any given time.  I knew cheese had always been my go-to and my comfort.  The awesome thing about Whole30 is once I got it out of my system, the cravings went away and so did my dependence on it.  NEVER thought that would happen!

About the scale....while you're excited to see the results in numbers, your validation doesn't come from that number.  Think about the NSVs and write them down, share them with the rest of us, tell your family.  Put the scale in a closet or somewhere out of the way where it can't stare you in the face and tempt you.

Glad you're posting on the forum and I look forward to your successes!  :)


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