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Gallbladder pain from too much fat?

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Hi all -  I'm on R1D19 and, other than the detox feelings, have been doing relatively well!  I have been meal planning every weekend, cooking every Sunday and making sure my boyfriend and I have a variety of meals each week to avoid boredom.  We generally stick to eggs (frittatas, scrambles, etc.) in the morning following the template w/ protein, veggies, fat, etc.  Lunch is usually leftovers and dinner is generally always something new.

We decided to try to the chicken wings 2 ways (http://whole30.com/2015/07/pot-luck/).  They were AMAZING, but I was not feeling great after.  I have had minimal gastrointestinal distress during my W30, but that night was terrible.  I had a very intense pain on my upper right side.  I avoided googling for a bit as I can be ridiculous (WEBMD SAYS I HAVE CANCER!), but I finally gave in...and it looked like it could be my gallbladder.  We have been sticking to lean cuts of meat, lots of veggies, etc. so this probably was my most "fatty" meal I have had to date.

I haven't had the pain since then, but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else?  I have never had any gallbladder issues before just as some additional background.


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