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Day 25 and Still Barely Anything :(

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I have been 100% compliant for the whole 25 days. I don't feel like my clothes are fitting any better. I don't think I look any different. I feel basically the same. I do sleep a tad bit better, I think, and I do get up a little easier, but I don't feel more energy or many other improvements I figured I might see. Maybe I'm just expecting too much, but I really basically feel the same as before Whole30. My biggest reason for starting Whole30 was because I went for a metabolism test with a registered dietician and the results were so confusing. It said my resting metabolism is 2,000 and to gain weight I need to be eating 3,000 at least...and I wasn't eating that much at all but still gaining weight. So I wanted to literally reset my body so it would work right (and consequently I could have an easier time losing the 15-20 pounds I've gained over the last two years and get back into a healthier weight range...I'm on the cusp). 


I didn't eat super unhealthy before, but I didn't really eat super healthy either. I wasn't someone who went out to eat for more than once or twice a month, but what I did eat was usually pasta with a veggie or something easy and quick, if anything.


While on the Whole30, I really have stuck to the program, even when it has been crazy hard. I have been used to treating myself whenever I want to, in moderation. If I want a cookie, I have **A** cookie...and that is all. I really worked on not snacking, which I did used to do all night and skip breakfast (the hormone part of It Starts With Food just screamed at me....and I had a shift in hormones, I believe, day 12-17). I think that's a great habit victory, but I don't feel any impact on my body's functioning like I feel like I should notice...


What I want to know is, I think I'm doing pretty solid with my meals, and from everything I've been reading it looks solid...I'd love if a moderator or someone who knows more than I to look at it and give me some feedback. I'm frustrated that I'm not feeling really any different. 


Typical breakfast: sweet potato (cooked in like...2 T of coconut oil) and 2-3 eggs (if I wake up a little later I eat two, if I know I'll need to last longer then I do three). Sometimes I do a scramble of three or four eggs plus some sweet potato or white potato and carrots and spinach. Always heavy on the coconut oil. ((The only thing I could think of is maybe a little more fat and a little more veggie))


Typical lunch: Some sort of protein (at least palm size, maybe palm and a half) and 2-3 cups of various veggies like steamed carrots, green beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spaghetti squash, kale, cucumber, etc. My veggies are drizzled with olive oil, cooked heavily in coconut oil, or drizzled with clarified butter or dipped in mayo or guac.


Typical dinner: Very similar to lunch. 


I don't snack. I have maybe three times in the last 25 days. I feel full from meal to meal. I drink usually about a gallon of water each day. I do salt my food. I get around 7-9 hours of sleep. Sometimes a little less (I'm still adjusting to a new schedule) and once or twice more to "catch up" a bit. I don't feel stressed (I'm working and in grad school but this is a super light semester. I feel so little, if any, stress). I get regular activity: I'm a fitness instructor and currently teach six classes a week. I might do one or two more workouts on my own, but nothing too crazy. I do realize that I eat quite a bit, but I am full from meal to meal (not too full) and like I said, I rarely feel the desire to snack. It took a little while to get that balance of feeling full and not overdoing it or underdoing it.



Thanks in advance. 

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