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Jaimee's 1st Whole30 Log - Jan 17- Feb 15


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I'm on Day 6. 

Breakfast - Forgot to eat before we left for church!  I knew I was forgetting something!  Stayed strong.  Had some black coffee.  Really wasn't feeling too bad.  

Lunch - Leftover potato/prosciutto hash, 1 whole avocado, fuji apple, and almond butter.  

Dinner - Planning to have pulled pork (which I made 8 lbs of in the slow cooker yesterday), sweet potato, and large spring mix salad with olives, onions, and peppers

I feel like I *may* be over the hump.  I'm never really hungry between meals, except for between lunch and dinner on week nights since we don't have dinner M-F until 7pm, but an apple and almond butter seems to do the trick in tiding me over.  Pre and post workout food seems to be perfected now, with a hardboiled egg before and another plus a banana after.  Still missing my nightly glass of wine but I'll pull through.  I notice that after dinner I feel like I want something sweet.  I think I may brew up some rooibos tea tonight!  We're having friends over tonight but the only difference in what I'm eating and what they will be eating is that they'll have buns for their pulled pork.  I don't really feel like that's a temptation for me.  It's a relief that I am cooking and that they are healthy eaters in general.  Stomach is feeling flat, energy is pretty high, thinking is clear!

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Last night went swimmingly!  The pulled pork was AMAZING.  I will definitely do that one again.  It was all in the crockpot and then I just laid some out on a baking sheet and crisped it up a bit in the oven before I served it.  Everyone raved.  

So today is Day 7.  

Breakfast - 2 hardboiled eggs, 1 banana

Lunch - 1 chicken apple sausage, a sweet potato w/ghee, and a handful of green olives, fuji apple w/almond butter (YUM)

Dinner - roasted chicken, cauliflower rice (going to try it in the oven this time), and red thai sauce, I may add a salad, haven't decided yet

I was feeling a bit run down this morning.  I don't feel like I slept super well.  I keep having this feeling like I've eaten something "bad."  I haven't, but it's similar to that feeling you get when you just "know" you've forgotten something.  Anyway, I really feel great.  I am so proud of myself for cooking new things and so happy that my family likes almost everything I've made so far.  I can definitely see continuing to eat relatively similar to what I am now on the long-term.  

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Day 8

Breakfast, 2 hardboiled eggs, banana

Lunch, leftover chicken w/roasted cauliflower rice, homemade mayo, and hot sauce, green olives (this was the most delicious and satisfying lunch ever!)

Dinner, spaghetti squash, marinara w/ground beef, steamed broccoli

I may have a snack of an apple w/almond butter if I can't hold out until dinner at 7pm, but we'll see if it's necessary. 

Slept GREAT last night.  Feeling good!

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Haha, so I guess the log didn't happen... 

But the Whole30 did!  I am on Day 24 today and going strong.  

Actually, it's kind of nice that I stopped feeling like I needed to log everything.  For the first time in forever I know I have lost inches from my midsection.  I am very lean and ruler shaped, plus I've had 4 kids, so I don't imagine that area will ever be super flat, but I have some definite waist indents, which is pretty exciting to me :)

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