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Help me: I hate sweet potatoes,squash! What starch Post WO?


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I work out at Orange Theory 4-5 days/week. I'm on day 7 of whole30 and have added pre- and post-workout  eating to my daily routine. This alone is a huge switch as I previously have worked out fasted, only consuming coffee prior, then fruit and cereal post.

Pre WO: I'm now trying one hard boiled egg, plus coffee.

Post- WO: I've taken chopped chicken or turkey to consume right after, but I just can't hack the taste of sweet potatoes, squash. Those, and plantains, always seem to be what is recommended. What else is a starchy veg I can eat after? Regular potato? Carrots? What is portable, starchy and not time-consuming to prepare?

According to the Carb-curve chart I found, I should consume 25-50 g of carb post w/o. But some of the forum topics here that I've read, say just eat a half-size protein serving and a small amount, say, a few bites of the starchy vegetable. Then eat breakfast at normal time, which, for me, would be an hour later and would have spinach but not starchy vegetables.

Add on question: I did bake a white and a yellow sweet potato to try this week. The white was not as bad as the yellow. Do people eat these pre-baked and cold for post-WO? I assume you don't eat them uncooked.

Thank you.



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White potato is fine. I would definitely cook them and eat them cold instead of raw. Carrots would work but you'd need a bigger volume of them, I think. Cooked carrots might be easier to stomach. Beets are on the starchier side but sounds intense for post wo. Green beans from a can might work.

You could try things like making meatballs or salmon cakes that have pureed or finely chopped sweet potato/squash mixed in to see if you can tolerate that.



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