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Awesome Dinner Out

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Well, you don't know until you ask... My husband and I are on day 21 and last night we went out to a more up-scale barbecue restaurant (The Pit in down town Raleigh). In advance I went online and looked at the menu. We met 10 people there for a bday dinner - so we had no alternative dining options. I ended up emailing the "contact us" address and told them about our Whole 30 restrictions.  The manager emailed us back and said we could have pulled pork with no sauce - and he was happy to modify a batch of green beans and an order of Brussels Sprouts without the bacon or sugar.  

When we sat down we told the waiter we were the special order, and the food came as promised. It was great! 

It was very hard to sit there with all the friends drinking beer and wine and slurping up mac and cheese and peanut butter pie - but not as bad as we feared.

After dinner the manager came over and introduced himself and thanked us for coming and said it was his pleasure to change the menu.



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