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Hilary Rose Whole 30


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Cleaning out the spice cabinet first seemed the best only because there was so much in there that is non compliant. Kept the re fridge and pantry alone because other people in the house said that they would be fine not grabbing them on complaint. 

Made the chili from the book for my mother to have for her lunch. 

Going to auto show for day one and planned to eat at Texas De Brazil from recommendation from someone that has done something similar to the whole 30 before. 

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Day ONE: 

Day one was a hard day for me. Going to the auto show was not on the plan for the day and going to eat after a different restaurant than what I did research on didn't help either but worked out. The waiter was very patient and had no problem bringing me the ingredient list for pretty much everything and all my questions. The hard part was not eating the delicious bread sitting on the table. 

First meal: eggs with almond milk and tomato

second meal: (santorini) chicken kabobs (non marinated) on olive oil, roasted lemon potatoes (lemon, basil, olive oil) and sautéed spinach

Third meal: sautéed chicken and Baked potato and sautéed cabbage  and a salad with red wine vinegar. 


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Day TWO: 

Was a lot easier. Majority of my family is doing the whole 30. Went to my grandmas to clean out her house of everything so there wouldn't be any temptations for her or my uncle, that lives with her. Also took her shopping for some things aka vegetables because she never really at them. Now her fridge was also pretty much bare at this point and instead of moving things out of the pantry, it's pretty big with three full sized cabinets. We closed off three of them and put only complaint items in a quarter of one of the cabinets because it was mainly extra cookware and paper products. But the refridge looks amazing cause before it was all junk and leftovers that never get eaten from take out. It will be a hard journey for them but being one with Parkinson's and the other obese it will help them out in the end. I didn't take a picture today but just imagine opening a French door refridgerator to all fruits and vegetables and tea! 

Meal one: leftover eggs from yesterday and some almonds because I didn't feel I ate enough the day before. 

Meal two: chili and it was amazing! I don't normally like chili but I was hungry and not in the mood to cook. Put it on top of some roasted potato suggestion via the book. 

Meal three: Steak, steamed green beans, sliced potatoes roasted in olive oil. Made some mayo from the book because I needed a little something to go with. The book suggestion for perfect roast green beans turned out perfect! 

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My day job is to take care of the family and day three was definitely that! Great grandmas place has the flu so no activities were being ran for them so picked her up to bring her to my grandmas for the day rather than just sitting in silence with just her. It helps when my two dogs are around and my uncle and grandma help with convo too. This was actually the day I took her shopping at the actual store so she could see what's complaint and where they actually are in the store because really she never visits those sections. I feel like most of my time is spent cooking and I'm not a chef. I also had my own doctors appointment that day too in the middle of all of it. 

Meal One: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions and a little garlic. 

Snack: it was about three hours later but everyone else wasn't hungry so I had some almond butter to tie me over.

Meal Two: ground hamburger with onions, sautéed cauliflower 

Meal Three: roasted pork seasoned with garlic powder salt and pepper and olive oil, salad with cucumber and tomatoes and red wine vinegar, roasted potatoes, they had natural apple sauce too

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Day FOUR: 

My day off and I spent it cooking mainly or prepping for the weekend. I went to the local farmers market store for some good tasting fruit and see if they had some items I was having problems finding elsewhere. Found out they started a bone broth bar in the last week and that it was Whole 30 compliant. Never heard of a bone broth bar before but you put everything you want for your soup and pour broth over top. Also I spent some time talking with the owner and he was super excited about getting Whole 30 local uncured bacon into the store but won't be available until the 30th. Bought two chickens while I was there because every where else the chicken had some sort of additive and/or carrageenan, even the organic stuff! Went home and cooked up the chicken for some soup and chicken salad for the weekend. Used the carcasses to make some chicken broth because I can't find any compliant broths. It is a long process and one of the pots seemed to boil real quick and the other took forever. 

Meal One: leftover eggs with tomatoes and onions and garic

Meal Two: leftover steak, green beans and put some potato wedges in the oven

Meal Three: stir fry chicken with peppers and onions and oven roasted sweet potatoes (never knew I liked sweet potatoes so much) 

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Day FIVE: 

Finishing the broth in the morning was a challenge with the low energy I was having but I wanted to get it done before I started the day. Great grandmas place still on lock down and they had deliver her meal to her room Thursday night and she didn't eat it. I took some chili with me to have lunch with her and tried to get her to eat it as well but she wasn't feeling it. Still struggling in my way home I picked up some black tea even though the past I had some issues with it having everlasting effect on me. One of my other jobs is movie theater checking and I normally eat there too so that was a challenge because I'm a rule follower and felt super guilty for bringing my own food in but they have nothing complaint at the theater other than the plain water. 

Meal One: chicken salad

Meal Two: Leftover chili on top of potato

Movie: cashews soaked in red wine vinegar and salt, Lara bar, and mandarin orange (there for five hours) 

Meal Three: Chicken Chowder from Whole 30 book 

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Day SIX: 

Our family helps run a concession stand for a basketball league and sitting all day Saturday around all sorts of candy, soda and popcorn is one hard task. Good thing I packed me a few things. For dinner I tried a new food concept with cauliflower rice. Another obstacle I had was one of the Kroger in my area made their health food (organic and gluten free) section into a wine section so traveling further to go to a store that still carries the section. (Shopped in it before Whole 30 too)  

Meal One: Chicken salad on top of sweet potato rounds, English breakfast coffee

Meal Two: chicken salad with almonds and side of grapes

Meal Three: deconstructed cabbage rolls  from the instagram page. 

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Every year I take part in modeling for bridal shows a couple times a year. Shared a lot about the Whole 30 and of course people have their opinions how they think it's unhealthy. The males love it mainly because their question is can I have steak all day and every day? Went out to eat unexpectedly after but even though I had to keep sending it back they were very nice about accommodating. 

Meal One: banana

Meal Two: chicken salad and tried a few sips of kombuca 

Meal Three: almonds 

Meal Four: Greek Salad (minus feta and olives and dressing) chicken grilled 

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Day EIGHT (1/23/17):

i didn't plan anything for week two yet so I was going by the seat of my pants so not too much today. Had to go into potbelly to get great grandma her shake and soup which was hard on the shake aspect. I did, however, have problems on the forum. I don't like that moderators think it's okay to tell people that it's okay to take glucose when it's an added sugar because they think it's medicine. I have never, in my almost 24 years, as a diabetic ever consider glucose tablets as medicine. You can buy them everywhere and in my community they are considered a quick fix. They are my normal for my low blood sugars but I had no problem kicking them out for the 30 days because they are an ADDED SUGAR and there are other options. I waited almost three weeks to start because I wanted to do this right and did lots and LOTS of research and to feel a little dumbfounded by the moderators on here made me want to quit the experience. The forum wasn't any help in helping me get back  it rather talking to fellow diabetics, dietitians and med students and my aunt was what helped me. I had to explain the program to most and they all said that they wouldn't break the rules too because there were so many other options. One of the biggest reasons I started the thread was because one moderator kept commenting on all that I found in the search that tabs were medicine and it was okay and that made me think and question my training and my education that I was wrong. It was a highly psychological day for me with the cause of negative moderators but I made it through even though all I wanted to eat today was ice cream and even went into an ice cream parlor and made it out seems like a huge win for me. 

Meal One/Two: leftover deconstructed cabbage with homemade ranch from the Whole 30 book. 

Meal Three: steak with roasted Brussel sprouts and baked potato and homemade ranch

Meal Four: Mandarin orange and blueberries and orange Lacroix 

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