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Is there such a thing as too many potatoes?

Grandma Judy

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I'm on Day 24 and loving this.  Eating lots of sweet potatoes, winter squash and white potatoes.

Since white potatoes were recently added (don't know when) - is it possible to over eat these?  They've been on my "no" list for so many years......

Noticing that I don't miss rice, or quinoa or even noodles.  The potatoes - cut in wedges - serve as great "pushers" for my meals.  Keep me so satisfied


Thanks for your help

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Sort of? If you feel good, and you're eating a variety of vegetables in addition to the starchy ones, keep doing what you're doing.

However, if you're overweight or obese, if you're very sedentary, or if you're feeling lethargic after eating (think about how you might've felt after a big Thanksgiving dinner), then you might be over doing it.

Generally, most people seem to do well with a fist-sized serving of some kind of starchy vegetable each day. People who are active, those who are prone to depression or anxiety, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or in the week or so leading up to their period often find they do better with more. Occasionally there are people who feel best with less. But again, if you feel good, and you're eating other vegetables as well, like leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables and others, don't worry too much about it.


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