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Chips and fries versus baked at home


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I'm in R2 after an extremely succesful R1.  I discovered some great social media groups.  In one of them we are discussing a post, where potatoes were specialized and baked in the oven...are these considered compliant?  My thought is yes.  However these are being compared to the content in. The WH30 book on fries and chips.  

i'm hoping to get a better understanding of this.  I've made crispy I've oven baked swoodles as a side dish (and NomNom Paloe's crispy swoodles with bacon).  After reading this other thread, I'm so confused and thinking that my R1 was a an epic fail as I had these during my round.  

Please help

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Cutting potatoes into thin slices, spiralizing them, or cutting them to look like fries and baking them is compliant. Commercially prepared fries and chips are specifically ruled out.

As far as I can tell, there's a couple of reasons for this. Deep frying is never going to be a healthy way to cook things, and most restaurants probably don't use particularly healthy oils for frying their fries -- so those are never really going to be consistent with Whole30. I think there's also an element of, if you make it yourself, you're less likely to really overeat them. If you go to the store and buy a big bag of chips, you may not think much of sitting down and eating that whole bag at once,or  at least in a pretty short time. But if you have to slice potatoes thin and season them and bake them, you're more likely to be mindful of what went into preparing them, plus less likely to make a huge amount at once, so you're less likely to eat way too many of them.

That said, this is one of the gray areas of swypo. Some things are specifically called out as being against the rules, no matter what -- pancakes, for instance. Other things you're expected to take some responsibility for. If you look at your food log and realize you've had baked chips or fries every day, that they're keeping you from eating other vegetables, or if you realize that prior to Whole30 you ate fries and chips a lot and just think maybe this would be a good time to break that habit, then you should probably scale back on them or leave them out for a while. If you're eating plenty of other vegetables and just use them for a change of pace every now and then and you feel good about it, go for it.

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