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really frustrated and blah


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this is day 18, and i'm feeling really frustrated with the Whole 30, as is my husband. we haven't had a single slip, but neither of us feels better in any way. in fact, i've had a headache for pretty much the last 18 days, and his bad sleep hasn't improved. i also feel tired all the time, and incredibly unmotivated, which is not like me at all! the only things that seem to have changed for us are for the negative, like the aforementioned, plus having to cook for six hours every sunday and spending hours meal planning. <_< we ate pretty healthy before - lean meats, veggies, fruits, and minimal processed foods and sugars - so maybe this is why we haven't seen any changes? i'm doing a very minimal weight workout in the mornings, so not adding in a pre or post wo meal since it isn't needed. he doesn't work out.

here's a typical day for us:

  • breakfast: (three spinach/tomato/proscuitto egg muffins OR a big slice of a kale/butternut squash/sausage egg casserole) + piece of fruit
  • lunch: two cups of chicken salad with cooked chicken, avocado, and various other ingredients (grapes, walnuts, dates, etc) + carrots and celery + apple
  • dinner: varies, but usually a palm or two of lean meat, a whole bunch of veggies, varied but often starchy, two tbsp of coconut oil

we're both able to go 5-7 hours without eating, and are drinking tons of water as well as a cup or two of coffee in the morning (which we have always done). 

i'm planning on riding this out since i don't quit things, but it's pretty annoying putting in SO much work and not getting anything out of it. 

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Mmm kay.  Tool along,  with a Reintro, too.   

What are the differences now from your former way of eating. Minor or major. Zero in on those.  Can you pinpoint the specific foods that actually made you feel better?

Without the headaches and other things.  Coffee, tea...diet soda pops?  Were you drinking more caffeine before. 

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hi MeadowLily, thanks for your reply. i am not sure what foods made me feel better, since i felt fine before... i suppose i was probably eating more carbs since i was having a sandwich for lunch nearly every day, and typically quinoa/farro or chickpeas/black beans/lentils with dinner. also ate a few servings of dairy every day too.

same amount of coffee and water as before (maybe even more water). the only thing that has changed liquid-wise is that i'm NOT having a glass of wine at night a few times a week. but given that this is nearly three weeks into whole 30 for me, i would be surprised if i were still detoxing from that.

i suppose the headaches could be from stress - these are very stressful times we are living in, especially the last few weeks! - but they pretty much started with whole 30, so i'm not sure what to make of them.

maybe i just need more food?

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