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Complaining...again. Day 25

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I'm so glad ( really!) for those who feel changes.

i am not missing sugar and coconut oil in my coffee is pretty good. So that is nice.


maybe being 57 just means it may take a really long time to notice improvements. 

i wish my pants felt looser but they don't! 


My husband doesn't notice much difference either and really doesn't care for my grocery bills! But I think I may almost have the hang of it so maybe I can do better in that department.


Ok, that's same old same old from me.

Any tips are appreciated. 


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Well I'm a LOT older than you so I'd be reluctant to say that age has anything to do with whether you experience NSVs or other benefits form a Whole30. :)

What I CAN say is if you follow the meal template you are much more likely to see more benefits from Whole30.

Are you following the template? Not snacking? Salting your food? Drinking enough water? Getting enough sleep? Managing stress? Do you have any chronic medical conditions? All of these can affect what benefits you do or don't see from your Whole30.

If you post a few days worth of meals, a mod can help you make adjustments if necessary.

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