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Egg and Fish Whole30 and Crossfit. ALWAYS HUNGRY!

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I am on day 24 of my 1st Whole 30. 

I initially had some challenges with energy levels during the first half or so of the program. I go to crossfit 5x a week and I was definitely feeling like there was no gas in in the tank. At this point I am feeling GREAT in my workouts, and my performance and recovery has improved.

However, I'm CONSTANTLY hungry. One of my goals with the program was to tackle snacking. It has always felt more mental than physical (oh look, it's 10:30, let's have some carbs, oh now it's 3:00, time for an apple!) and while I was able to abstain for the first week and a half or so, but not now. After I eat my meals, I just don't feel fully satisfied, but also can't bring myself to eat much more for a little while. After awhile I then need a snack. Is this typical?

Typical day:

M1: 1/4 frittata (the whole thing is 6 eggs, one sweet potato, one white potato, mushrooms, onion)

Coffee, black


M2: I portion canned tuna or 3 hard boiled eggs, made into a "Protein salad" with mayo, 1/2 avocado, roma tomato mixed and put over 2 cups mixed greens


Snack: Hard boiled egg, or 1/2 to a full Lara Bar. Whichever I have on hand at the office


Pre workout: some carrot sticks and 1/4 avocado or HB egg, sometimes a half a larabar

Post WO: some avocado or a few bits of sweet potato, sometimes the other half of a larabar 


M3: Portion of fish (generally cod or salmon) or 4 eggs - with a veggie and a sauce of some kind


I'm drinking herbal tea all afternoon and sipping black coffee throughout the morning on most days as well.




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Egg and fish are among the leanest proteins and personally I find that white fish takes a tonne to be satisfied with and when it's eggs alone, there's an upper limit on my satisfaction and adding more eggs just doesn't get me any further. And I don't cross fit, so..... ;)

Pre and post workout you can try revising to our recommendations. Pre is fat and protein and post is lean protein and starchy veggie.

But overall I would guess that you just need more caloric density. Add fat like it's your job. Really beef up those veggie quantities. And make sure your protein servings are on the higher end. 2 palms, 4-5 eggs etc.

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Aaah, so many eggs! :) Thank you for the suggestions! I've been diligent  about prepping lunch and dinner, but pre and post wo alludes me, and I go to the gym straight from work, so I don't usually get it right.

My homemade mayo has really improved so I guess I'll put it on everything. ;)

This will be something to work on. 

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Personally, eating sweet things makes me hungrier, I'd take a closer look at those Lara bars. Also, your meal 1 seems light on both protein and fat, since 1/4 of your frittata would be the equivalent of 1.5 eggs.

For post workout, you could try making some egg muffins with sweet potato for portability. If you use mostly egg whites, it'd be the protein and starchy carb recommendation. (Use the yolks elsewhere.) Something like

Or like a salmon patty with sweet potato mixed in.

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