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Week 1.5 ... Advice Needed Please

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Hi Everyone.

I am really hoping that you guys can help.  I began exactly 11 days ago.  {moderator edit to remove scale discussion} Before I get in trouble for weighing myself :) I wonder if anyone can answer why the weight loss has basically stopped.  I need to lose approx 30 lbs so I know its not that I have no weight to lose.

A typical day has been

Breakfast: 2 eggs, handful of raspberries and a banana, fried up like scrambled eggs

Snack: cashews and grapes

Lunch: chicken and veg stir fry

Dinner: lean beef or chicken (mostly chicken), sweet potatoes and veg

Also drinking Matcha tea, twice a day

I am wondering if I am not eating enough calories???


Thanks in advance



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If you don't eat enough . . . or if you're coming from calorie restriction . . . or if you weigh . . . you will be less likely to lose weight on a Whole30 even if you need to lose weight. You body will hold onto your weight for dear life . . . .

If you follow the template, which you are NOT doing, you will probably see more benefits (eggs should be as many as you can hold in your hand--at least three; plate should be filled with vegetables, at least 1-3 CUPS, fruit shouldn't crowd veggies off your plate; meals should be large enough so that you don't need to snack but if you do need to snack, eat a mini-meal of at least a protein + fat and/or veggies (NOT fruit and nuts). 

Also, where are your fats! FATS are essential for satiety and for nourishment. Look at the template (link in my sig) and add fats at each meal. (Nuts are a fat source but not the best one.)

Whole30 is a food elimination diet and will help you reset your relationship with food and learn how to nourish your body. It is not a weight loss diet. You might lose weight, you might not but if you follow the meal template, you have a very good chance at seeing a LOT of benefits.

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21 minutes ago, rioannidis71 said:

Can I ask what sources of fat I can use other than coconut oil (which I cook with) and nuts?

Please visit the TheWhole30 part of this site and look at all the downloads, which include a shopping list with fats listed. (You'll Aldo find the meal template there.)


Fats include ghee/clarified butter, olive oil, compliant (usually homemade) mayo, olives, avocados, animal fats such as lard and duck butter and more. Cooking fats don't usually count as so much is left in the pan. 

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