Day 31


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Hey all. So, I made it through 30 days. I was sick most of the time (a cold and then bronchitis), but I made it through all 30 days staying 100% compliant. This program has so far changed my relationship with food. I used to be a stress eater, an emotional eater, a binger... now I eat for fuel and not for comfort. I don't snack between meals. And I am eating really healthy food. No tiger blood or increased energy, but I think I may need to do a Whole45 or Whole60. It does seem like my skin is finally getting a little clearer. I lost 16 pounds and TEN INCHES around my waist. 

The thing I am most proud of (other than learning to make flawless, yummy mayo) is that I made it through. I didn't think I could. I even bought a pint of ice cream at the beginning of week 2 because I thought I would fail. It still remains unopened. 

I'm still reading Melissa's Food Freedom Forever and I'm hoping this will finally be the way of eating that will bring me peace with my health. I'm not going to reintroduce for a while. I'm not missing any of the eliminated foods, so I think I will take this slow. Wish me luck that I see some energy in my next round!


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Congrats Liz.  I found once I got over the initial "shock" it went alot faster than I expected and I started feeling really great. I haven't reintroduced any non compliant foods yet but will this weekend.  Like you, I think I've finally redefined my relationship to food.

Good luck on finding that energy boost!

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