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My fifteenth Day


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Hi everyone, 

I just joined the forums even though I'm halfway through my first time of Whole30. I've lived my entire life eating home style food, made from scratch but completely unhealthy. I've been a horrible example to my family...and I now have a 2 year old granddaughter to think about. I am strictly following the rules. My husband and children are doing a variation of the program (but, I understand no one could make me get healthy...I had to want it enough for myself) so I'm thankful they are eating what I am eating and rarely indulge. It's a start, right? 

I've read over the timeline of expectations...and thankfully, the only one I've experienced was the tired stage (okay, maybe that day I went bat crazy on someone on FB could count for the smiting... ;) ) Oh, I just remembered, last night I dreamed I was eating Chinese food. Regardless, I believe I'm doing very well. I have faithfully read labels...cooked with the appropriate ingredients...have not gone out to eat once...and have a refrigerator full of fresh ingredients. Last night I made a pecan crusted halibut with sauteed brussel sprouts and a spinach strawberry salad with balsamic reduction. It was fantastic. I'm getting there. We haven't had biscuits and gravy in...well, weeks. 

My wedding ring nearly falls off my hand...and my pants are baggy. In 15 days. Change is good. 

I'm a writer so I sit at a desk a good portion of the day. The other half of the day I chase after my granddaughter, and I do use the word "chase" loosely. I would like to chase after her. Is that better?

I, like my extended family, have a love affair with weight. Apparently we love it a little too much. I am determined that starting with me my family line is going to change. I have been blessed thus far that at age 50, even with being overweight, I have not needed medication for anything. I know unless I change my ways, that will change too. I do not want to depend on medication for sugar levels or high blood pressure. 15 days ago I changed my life. 

Thank you all for all your input...all the wonderful recipes I've been finding...and just knowing you are here should I need a friend. 

Here's to the next 30 years! 

Darlene Shortridge

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